Love Your Garden All Year Round

As we wave goodbye to the British summer and welcome the cooler weather, outdoor pop up gazebos and brollies will no longer suffice – steps need to be taken to ensure that we can fully maximise the use of outdoor spaces as we transition into autumn & winter. 

Creating the comfort of indoors, outdoors is key to enable the space to be used all year round – even when it’s wet, cold and dark! 

Patio Awnings | Caribbean Blinds

Canopies & awnings 

One of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to transform any outdoor space is through the addition of a canopy or awning. Both practical and stylish these easy-to-use retractable fabric roofs, which project off the side of a building, will act as an extension of the roof of the property. 

More versatile than gazebos or brollies, canopies and awnings offer instant shade and shelter from not only the sun but rain showers – whilst also being able to withstand strong breezes and even gusts of winds. More popular motorised systems extend and retract at just the touch of a button and can be equipped with wind sensors to automatically retract them in the case of damaging winds.

Louvered Roof | Outdoor Living Pod | Pergola | Canopy


If you’re looking for a more pragmatic and long-term solution that can be used in all weather conditions, opt for a modern aluminium pergola with a rotating or retracting louvered roof. Whether it’s in the form of a freestanding structure or a lean-to structure as an extension of the home, a pergola provides shelter from sun, wind, rain & even snow! 

When installed as a freestanding structure within the garden, not only does it provide a dedicated outdoor ‘room’ away from the property, it will also create height within the garden and become a focal point. 

pergola | roof blind

If there is already a traditional veranda or timber pergola in place, then consider high-performance weatherproof external blinds that can be mounted to the top and sides to effectively shield the structure from the elements and create a cosy and pleasant environment all year round. 

Premium pergolas along with awnings and canopies, designed specifically for the UK climate are built to order, made to clients exact requirements and brief, from size, to colour and operation. 

Customisation is key  

Incorporating additional personalisations such as ambient white LED lighting which is dimmable to set the scene, zone-controlled infra-red heating that provides instant warmth and speakers to enjoy favourite sounds will make outdoor living spaces even more comfortable.  

LED Lighting | Heater

Whilst high grade outdoor pergolas are already designed to withstand heavy rain, gale force winds and even snow, adding windproof sides in the form of zip screens will not only ensure complete control of the elements, but provide the ultimate luxury all-weather outdoor living space, 365 days a year. 

In addition to this, opting for a smart hub allows for convenient app control of any outdoor shading system meaning you can open and close the electric roof on a pergola in real-time (or set a timer to do it automatically), turn the lighting/heating on and off and even view the exact position of an awning – from anywhere in the world! 

To conclude, many of us view our home and garden as two separate spaces, however, the garden is very much an extension of the home. Just as a house consists of different rooms designed around your needs and wants, the garden should be considered an additional ‘room’ which can be used for whatever you enjoy doing, whether that be lounging, entertaining guests or even cooking.  

Want to find out more about our innovative all-season outdoor living systems? Contact our knowledgeable team on 0344 800 1947 or alternatively complete our quick enquiry form here. 


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