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Cooling the internal temperature of our homes is not high on the priority list as most people’s focus will be on other domestic improvements. External shading should not be disregarded as it could potentially save you thousands in the long term and that fact alone is something we certainly do not want you to miss out on.

Solar radiation is a common issue that can cause homes to overheat considerably, making some internal spaces unbearable to be in especially if the building design consists of large expanses of glazing. This often leads to people opening up the windows to try and help reduce the temperature but this has limited benefit.

Glazing is a common stylistic choice but it can cause vulnerabilities within a home, through winter your windows can be susceptible to heat loss, something that you don’t want during the colder season as this can potentially cause an increase in your energy bills. With the right solutions in place you can save money and enjoy your internal space.

External Roller Blind, Blinds, Antiguan, Glazing, Windows

Our SMART external shading systems are the perfect solutions to help restore balance to your home by helping you regulate your internal temperature. By applying external blinds to the exterior side of the windows this will deflect any solar rays away from the glass which will ensure unwanted solar heat gain is avoided whilst providing a cool internal atmosphere on even the hottest summer’s day.

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The common misconception about external blinds is that they are just a shading solution from the sun, they are more than just that as they are able to help retain the heat from escaping through the glazing in the Winter months, providing another layer of insulation. No more throwing money out the window.

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