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Caribbean Blinds Precision Manufacture External Shading Systems

With Britain last year enjoying it’s second sunniest year since records began in 1929 and climate change meaning long hot summers are now becoming the norm, sales of external shading have sorn over the past several years, with Caribbean Blinds enjoying growth of 60% over the past 24 months, with similar levels of growth projected going forward.

Along with a policy of continual innovation when it comes to the design of our external blinds, patio awnings and louvered roofs, working with leading European partners to ensure our products are not only stylish but deliver optimum lifestyle and energy saving benefits and will stand the test of time, we continually invest in both our personnel and machinery to ensure our products and service are top drawer.

The Winter of 2018/2019 is no different, with a whole host of activity taking place, in preparation for the long hot summer ahead. Just before Christmas we took delivery of a new twin head aluminium cutting saw that has this week been installed and commissioned which will not only improve efficiency allowing us to cut more profiles faster thanks to having two cutting saw heads instead of one but will also ensure millimetre perfection thanks to the automatic digital cutting bed and a smooth burr free cut – take a look at our short video below of this state of the art machine being installed and in action.

This machine will be complimented next week with an additional steel saw again using digital measures for millimetre perfection and an automatic pneumatic head for a perfect cut. New custom made storage profiles specifically for all our alu and steel profiles will be installed by the end of January, not only providing a safer storage offering easier loading and unloading but also increasing our storage capacity by 50% – with more profiles on stock our lead times in peak season can remain short.

Additionally, our assembly areas have undergone an extensive revamp with new and updated production benches and a layout change to ensure a better flow of our products through production, with dedicated assembly areas for each product group and a new goods out area.

And finally by the end of February the construction of new 1,260 sq/ft offices will be ready with updated processes in place to ensure enquiries are dealt with even more efficiently and orders processed and acknowledged promptly complete with new phone systems and software including CAD enabling us work more effectively with architects and designers incorporating our products into their projects.

These are just some of the elements going on behind the scenes to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry, delivering the very finest external shading systems in the UK.

Don’t forget, our Get Set For Summer Sale is Now On, so if you’re looking at adding external shading to your home or business, now is the ideal time to invest as not only will you benefit from our lowest prices of the year but you will have your external shading system installed ready for the Spring/Summer ensuring a cool, comfortable and enjoyable indoor/outdoor space.

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