Loler Testing Complete

As part of the manufacture process of our patio awnings, as well as building your new awning to the highest quality using the finest premium grade materials, prior to them leaving our premises for expert installation, they are fully set up, adjusted and tested to make sure they function perfectly and are the very pinnacle of precision.

This involves the use of purpose built rigs to hang the awnings onto (as if the awnings were mounted on the wall), with the rigs raising / lowering dependent on the height of the operative (we have some very tall and some short technicians). Whilst on these rigs, the awning motors are commissioned, with the inboard and outboard limits set and all transmitters & sensors paired. The awning is adjusted to the required angle, based on the survey form which details the mounting and required lead rail height and the material is aligned to make sure it runs in smoothly and square along with the tension and alignment of the folding arms checked too. Before the awning is removed off the rig, the entire awning is cleaned and quality controlled checked (ie to make sure there are no imperfections) ensuring it is 100% perfect.

In total we have 8 rigs, that are each used to set up 8-10 patio awnings daily running 5 or in peak sometimes 7 days a week, so it’s important that they continue to function correctly and more importantly are correctly maintained so they do not pose any danger. For this reason and as required under the LOLER regulations (which covers all lifting devices) we have in place a planned maintenance and service programme, which includes a yearly assessment by an independent certified organisation to check and sign off all our lifting devices (including our assembly rigs and forklift trucks). This check has just been carried out with all our lifting devices deemed fit for purpose, ready in time for the busy summer season ahead, which certainly appears to have kicked off already, with our production working extended hours from 7am till 6pm to keep up with the current demand.

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