Our Louvered Roof Is In A League Of Its Own!

Following our article earlier in the month about the rise in so called specialists now offering (importing) inferior louvered roof pergola canopies and with Grand Designs Live kicking off tomorrow, where we will be showcasing our award winning, original louvered roof – Outdoor Living PodTM, we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the fundamental differences between our product (images highlighted with a tick) and the other louvered roofs (images highlighted with a cross) we have seen beginning to make their way into the marketplace:

Louvered Roof Comparison - Design

Structure Fixing Bolts > The Outdoor Living PodTM uprights are attached to the cross beams and base plates via fixing bolts neatly hidden within the cleverly designed 2 part posts. In contrary other solutions use a simpler (cheaper) box section upright that requires external visible bolts to hold the structure together.

Louvered Roof Comparison - Base Plate

Base Plate > The Outdoor Living PodTM features a galvanised steel base plate to attach the structure to the ground surface, that is neatly contained within the 2 piece upright, unlike alternate solutions that use an exposed base plate outside of the upright (due to the cheaper upright design) with visible fixing bolts. Additionally an exposed base plate other than being unsightly can also prove a trip hazard.

Louvered Roof Comparison - Motor

Motor > The Outdoor Living PodTM motor is hidden inside the structure framework, with only the top section to the arm of the motor visible when the roof is in motion. Other solutions use a motor that is bolted on top of the framework, clad in a semi protective aluminium casing to try to disguise it. Not only does that look clunky, adding to the overall height of the structure, the motor is permanently exposed to the elements.

Louvered Roof Comparison - Wiring

Wiring > All the wiring for the roof motor and options including lighting and heating for the Outdoor Living PodTM are neatly contained with the structure framework (cross beams) due to the hinged lid allowing us to run cables all the way round the structure out of sight. Alternate louvered roofs, have simply box section cross beams, where wires can’t be run through easily and therefore are visible, looking untidy and like the roof motors exposed to the elements.

These are just a handful of the key differences between our Outdoor Living PodTM and the alternate louvered roofs we see trying to be sold in the UK. Couple this with our unsurpassed knowledge, having launched the first louvered roof in the UK back in July 2011 and installed more louvered roofs than any other company all over Britain and there really is only one name you can trust for louvered roof pergola canopies in the UK – Caribbean Blinds.

Why not visit and see first hand the top quality of the Outdoor Living PodTM at Grand Designs Live. We’re located on stand G120 in the Gardens Hall (virtually opposite the entrance) and have sensational discounts available for show orders! Find out more here.

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