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We are currently experiencing a heat wave this week and I am sure many of you have been wishing that you had a dedicated outdoor living space to come back to after a hard day at work. Nobody wants to be stuck in a stuffy home when you can be outside enjoying the sunshine in a perfectly harmonised space with a comfy outdoor furniture set and the adequate amount of shading to create the perfect balance. We have three options that we would like to share with that will help to transform your garden area.

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1. The Puerto Rico Pergola Awning

This is a relatively new product that we have added to our outdoor living range and we are excited to get this out to the public. It features an automated sliding fabric roof system that is mounted to a streamline aluminium pergola framework attached to the façade at the rear and supported by posts to the front for stability and to shade larger areas. The maximum cover you can gain from this innovative pergola awnings is 6 meters width by 4.5 meters depth, which is a much larger area than what your standard awning can give you.

So if you are looking for something that is going to provide you with a enough living space for the whole family, that will give you full control of the amount of light and shade you want and need then this fabric pergola may be the one for you. Its stunning slim line design and the optional heating and lighting make it an appealing choice as it can provide you with a dedicated space that can be used into the late summer evenings.

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2. The Haitian Twin Awning

This is another new outdoor living garden product that we have just introduced into our range and we can see this attracting a lot of attention. It consists of two Cuba Awnings mounted on a robust aluminium goal post frame with two decorative plant base plates to add a nice aesthetic appeal. With two garden awnings synchronised from a central point it is able to expand to a maximum projection of 6 meters providing ample coverage. Once you are finished using the twin awning it retracts away into a nice compact cassette system protecting the fabric from the elements.

What we love most about this system is the plant base plates as this allows you to add your own decorative touch to using flowers or even vines to grow around the goal posts. You can choose the colour of the hardware to any from the RAL selection and choose a colourful weatherproof fabric from our new WorldSattler range. This is a customisable awning that can be made to your specific requirements to complement your existing landscape design.

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3. The Outdoor Living Pod™

Our Award Winning Outdoor Living Pod™ is one of our longest standing outdoor living solution that is increasingly in demand year on year. This aluminium structure comprises of an automated louvered roof system that can rotate or slide (dependant on model) at the touch of a button, giving you full control of the amount of the sun, shade or shelter you need. Its integrated guttering system combined with side screens, LED lighting and heating will give you a fully functioning outdoor living room that will let you carry on your leisure time no matter what the weather throws at you.

You can see why this is an attractive choice, it can essentially create an extended part of your home that can be utilised all year round. This advanced pergola system can really transform the way that you use your space.

If you would like to find out more on each of the outdoor living products we have mentioned then fill out our quick enquiry form to receive our NEW Product Information Brochure or alternatively you can call one of our experienced team members on 0344 800 1947.

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