Part 0 and the Need for External Shading

Climate change is at the top of the design and build sector agenda, with insulation having been a key focus for many years, retaining heat to help keep buildings warmer for longer without the need for heating devices. However, the combination of high levels of insultation coupled with large expanses of glazing, plus our warming climate has resulted in overheating in buildings, subsequently leading to many properties to become unbearable during the Summer months and in some instances uninhabitable.  

The quick fix solution to the overheating issue has been simply to install energy hungry air conditioning that pumps out large volumes of CO2, however, Part 0 of the building regulations, which comes into force today, is set to transform the way specifiers and developers design buildings.  

This new addition to the building regulations means reasonable provision must be made to limit unwanted solar gains in the Summer and provide an adequate means to remove heat from the indoor environment. The regulations stress that buildings should be constructed to meet the requirement using passive means as far as possible and that any mechanical cooling (air conditioning) should only be used where the requirement cannot be met.  

Additionally, the regulations stipulate the maximum levels of glazing for residential buildings with and without cross ventilation and that buildings in locations at high risk of overheating should provide shading for the glazing between north-east and north-west via the South.  

Part 0 | Building Regulations

Europe has embraced the use of external blinds and shutters for many years to regulate building temperatures and this new regulation means that the UK will now effectively catch up with automated external shading devices which automatically position themselves based on the ambient conditions and occupant requirements providing the highest level of energy saving and comfort. Put simply external shading in the guise of external blinds, awnings and louvered roofs will help to meet the requirements of Part 0, mitigating overheating with the resultant effect of having a positive impact on climate change.  

Part 0 | Building Regulations

For over 35 years, Caribbean Blinds has been designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative external shading systems for both residential and commercial applications. From single installations on residential dwellings, to multi-installations on office buildings, there is no project we can’t undertake. And as the only company in the UK dedicated to external shading, with an unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the field, there is no company better placed to assist with your external shading requirements.  

Make sure to reach out to one of our friendly expert advisors on 0344 800 1947 or send an email with your project details to our team on and we will come back to you with the right advice on the perfect external shading system for your requirements.  

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