Passivhaus Reduces Energy Usage By 58%

Passivhaus External Roller Blinds

A new report released today has revealed that Passivhaus properties use a staggering 58% less energy than the average home. These results were generated following the first 12 months of occupancy for a three-bedroom eco-home in comparison to an ordinary British household. 

The Passivhaus standard, which was first introduced to the German market in the 1990s, includes high levels of thermal insulation, whole-house ventilation, heat recovery and triple-glazed windows. This groundbreaking concept has soared in popularity in recent years as homeowners seek to achieve a maximum level of comfort throughout all four seasons whilst enjoying an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective eco lifestyle.

External Blinds Passivhaus

A key component of Passivhaus design includes large South-facing glazing to naturally warm the building by retaining heat in Winter through sunlight exposure. However, despite this advantage, this type of glazing is prone to overheating in Summer, resulting in an unbearably warm and impractical space. This is where an external shading solution is required to regulate a cool, comfortable internal environment whilst working in harmony with the property's eco-conscious principles.

One way this can be successfully achieved is through the addition of Caribbean's external roller blinds, which effectively prevent overheating in the Summer and heat loss in the Winter to deliver a cool, naturally lit space whilst enhancing privacy.

External Roller Blind

Additionally, unlike conventional air-conditioning which temporarily masks the problem, our external blinds prevent the issue of overheating on a permanent, long-term basis, offering a sustainable solution in the fight against Climate Change as well as being the ideal accompaniment to a Passivhaus home. 

Having installed external blinds on thousands of buildings, including the offices of top architectural practice AHMM along with England's first certified Passivhaus, Caribbean offer an unsurpassed experience when it comes to providing the correct external shading solution for every application, requirement and budget. To find out more information about our state-of-the-art shading, complete our quick enquiry form here and one of our shading specialists will get back to you. 

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