Pergolas installed by an expert team

Key Highlights

  • Professional pergola installation is crucial to feel confident your garden pergola can last a lifetime.
  • Always leave installation to the professionals for peace of mind, flawless functionality and little maintenance throughout the years.
  • At Caribbean Blinds we offer a hassle-free customer experience to ensure you find the most suitable pergola for your garden.
  • Create the ultimate outdoor living experience with a bespoke pergola that offers incredible aesthetic appeal.


If you’re looking to transform your garden into a luxurious outdoor area, a pergola – a beautiful structure with a fully functioning louvered roof – could be the perfect solution. To feel confident that the pergola can stand the test of time, professional pergola installation is crucial.

At Caribbean Blinds, we understand the importance of getting things right. We take pride in manufacturing and supplying top quality aluminium pergolas which look exquisite and are built with longevity and performance in mind. This blog post will take a closer look at pergola installation by our expert team, highlighting the benefits of choosing a professional service and outlining the customer journey we provide.

Why choose professional pergola installation?

Pergolas might seem like straightforward structures, but their installation requires precision and expertise. Failure to do so could lead to future problems and may also make the system unsafe. Here is a list of reasons why leaving installation to the professionals is best:

Peace of mind

Our team of installers, all of who are employed and work directly for Caribbean Blinds are highly skilled and qualified installers who always prioritise quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Long-life guaranteed

Our pergolas are crafted from durable, powder-coated aluminium frameworks, designed to withstand the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions. Expert installation ensures proper anchoring using appropriate fixings and alignment, maximising the pergola’s lifespan.

Flawless functionality

A pergola’s functionality will be affected by the precise commissioning of the structure at installation which is why our team always ensure the system is perfectly set up to ensure it operates year after year without a hitch.

Minimal maintenance

Proper installation reduces the risk of future problems and ensures your garden pergola remains a low maintenance system for many years to come.

Our customer journey

At Caribbean Blinds, we offer a stress-free customer journey to ensure you get the perfect pergola for your outdoor space. Here’s a breakdown of the six steps involved:

1: Photo & initial enquiry

Simply send us a photo of the area you’re considering a pergola along with some rough measurements and any specific requirements you have in mind.

2: Expert advice & estimate

Based on your photo, we will provide expert advice on the most suitable pergola option, including a ballpark price and available choices.

3: Detailed site survey

Our knowledgeable surveyors will visit your property to take precise measurements and discuss every detail with you. This includes sizing, mounting options, specifications, and showcasing physical samples of materials and controls.

4: Formal quotation

A detailed quote will be provided outlining the agreed details, including size, hardware colour, fabric choice (if applicable), installation method, guarantee information, lead times, and payment terms, along with a full set of design drawings.

5: Precision manufacturing

Our team of highly skilled technicians will meticulously build your pergola using state-of-the-art machinery, to exacting standards, in our factory based in the United Kingdom.

6: Expert installation

Our dedicated installation team will arrive on the scheduled day and expertly install your pergola with minimal disruption. Once complete, they’ll also provide a thorough demonstration on how to operate and maintain the pergola before leaving the site clean and tidy.

The Caribbean Blinds difference: UK manufactured quality & peace of mind

As the leading manufacturer of pergolas and external shading solutions in the UK, we take pride in making our products right here in Britain.

Built to last

We not only work with the highest quality materials, but we also ensure exceptional craftmanship goes into every pergola we create so they are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Industry leading guarantee

For complete peace of mind, all our garden pergolas come with a comprehensive five-year guarantee. This ensures you’re covered in the unlikely event of any issues arising during this period.

Unmatched customer service

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service right from the initial enquiry through to after-sales care. We’re always happy to answer any queries you might have so please get in touch.

Transform your outdoor space with Caribbean Blinds’ garden pergolas

Ultimately, a professional installed pergola will deliver an unbeatable outdoor living experience that you can enjoy for many years. What’s more, with a wide selection of metal hardware colours, styles and optional accessories (like lighting and heating), you can create a pergola to suit your needs.

Contact Caribbean Blinds today for a free, no-obligation quote and expert advice on creating your dream pergola.


1: What are the benefits of using aluminium for pergolas?

Aluminium is an ideal material for pergolas due to its exceptional qualities.  It’s incredibly strong and durable and is able to withstand the UK’s weather conditions.  Additionally, aluminium is lightweight, making it less strenuous on your patio structure.  At Caribbean Blinds, our pergolas are crafted from extruded polyester powder-coated aluminium, offering a sleek aesthetic that requires only a small amount of maintenance.

2: What if I need help choosing the pergola for my space?

Our team of specialists at Caribbean Blinds are here to help you every step of the way. Simply get in touch today to discuss your requirements and we’ll recommend the ideal garden pergola that perfectly suits your space, budget and personal preferences. If you’d prefer to email, please contact us on:

3: Do you offer aluminium pergolas with rotating roofs?

Yes! At Caribbean Blinds, we have a full range of aluminium pergolas featuring a louvered roof. Adjusted at the touch of a button means you can find the perfect balance between light and shade, along with complete shelter when closed.

We also have a unique louvered pergola model, known as the Prestige Pod, which has a fully retractable roof, giving you complete control over the amount of sunlight you’re exposed to when outdoors.

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