10 pergola landscaping design ideas

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Key Highlights:

  • Adding a pergola to your outdoor space will create a defined area perfect for outdoor dining, entertaining and more.
  • Pergolas can be integrated with plants, LED lighting, seating areas, dining areas and outdoor kitchens to create a seamless transition between home and garden.
  • Explore 10 inspiring pergola landscaping design ideas that will completely transform your outside area.


A high quality pergola is fantastic addition to any outdoor space and can be used to create a defined area for outdoor dining, entertaining and relaxing. Whether you’re looking for practical functionality, aesthetic appeal or a combination of both, these pergola design ideas are sure to inspire you.

10 inspiring pergola landscaping design ideas

Let’s explore some of the many ways a garden pergola design can completely transform an outside area with these inspiring pergola ideas.

1: Utilise plants to create natural shade and privacy

Adding plants to your pergola can be a great way to create more shade and privacy. Although natural climbing plants like ivy, wisteria or clematis look fantastic, they’ll need regular maintenance to ensure they don’t get too out of control. A great alternative is faux plants, as you get to enjoy the natural green hues associated with foliage, without the hassle of needing to keep them cut back.

2: Accessorise pergolas to create an inviting space

Don’t be afraid to accessorise your pergola to create a vibrant and inviting space. Strategically place potted real or faux plants, hanging lanterns or string lights to cast a warm glow or add a comfortable seating area made complete with a range of colourful cushions or throws. Why not consider an outdoor rug to define the space and to create a cozy focal point.

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3: Incorporate LED lighting for the perfect ambience

To create the perfect evening ambience under your pergola, consider incorporating LED lighting. Not only are LED lights an energy efficient and long-lasting solution but some have built-in dimming capabilities so you can adjust the brightness to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing.

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4: Customise your pergola finish and style

Modern aluminium pergolas come in a range of finishes and styles giving you the choice to find an option that best suits your personal taste. With hundreds of hardware (metalwork) colours available, you can effortlessly match your pergola to your home’s features or outdoor furniture to create a cohesive and unified outside space.

5: Create an outdoor dining space

Create your own al fresco dining space with a premium garden pergola. Available in various sizes means you can effortlessly cater for a number of guests. Plus, with a rotating louvered pergola roof, you’ll be able to confidently control the amount of sun, shade and shelter, maintaining the perfect environment for al fresco dining.

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6: Provide shelter and protection for a hot tub

If you dream of creating a serene and relaxing garden space fully equipped with a hot tub, why not consider installing a pergola to create more privacy? As well as being protected from prying eyes, you’ll also have more control over the amount of sun and shade exposure. Installing LED lighting and windproof side screens into your aluminium pergola will guarantee you can really make the most of this outdoor jacuzzi.

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7: Design a dedicated outdoor lounge area perfect for relaxing

Improve the comfort and style of your garden by designing a cozy lounge area complete with luxurious patio furniture, cushions, throws and rugs. Adding a variety of patterns, textures and colours you can create an idyllic outdoor living room that’s perfect no matter if you’re enjoying a quiet morning coffee or hosting a gathering with friends and family.

Always remember to choose fabrics that are durable and weather-resistant so they can withstand the unpredictable UK weather.

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8: Adopt a modern minimalist style

If you’re looking for a more modern pergola with a minimalist finish, embrace clean lines and sleek aesthetics by combining an anthracite grey aluminium pergola with modern outdoor furniture and decorations.

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9: Invest in multifunctional pergolas

To create the ultimate outdoor experience, invest in multifunctional pergolas which allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Thanks to the ingenious design, you can rotate the louvers to alter the amount of sun and shade passing through or you can fully retract the pergola roof to create a complete open air experience.

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10: Create a true extension of your home

Ultimately, by installing a premium pergola in your garden fully equipped with dining area, outdoor kitchen, tranquil seating area, hot tub or fire pit you are creating an extension of your home. These impressive external shading systems perfectly combine indoor and outdoor living so you can enjoy the benefits of being outside no matter the weather.

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Whether you’re looking to integrate more plants, add different accessories or create your own outside dining or living space, every idea adds a unique touch to your garden. Consider this range of landscape pergola design options to feel confident you’ve chosen the best match to your individual style and needs.

If you’re on the hunt for a new louvered pergola for your outdoor space and need some fresh pergola ideas, speak to a member of our team today. Our external shading experts are passionate about pergolas, and with years of experience working with homeowners, landscapers and designers across the country, they understand what it takes to design the perfect product for your requirements – and can support you to bring your pergola design to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions: landscape design pergola ideas

How do I choose the right material for my pergola?

When choosing the material for your pergola, it’s always worth considering factors such as durability, aesthetics and maintenance. At Caribbean Blinds we manufacture louvered pergolas constructed from corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminium guaranteeing unrivalled durability and longevity.

Can pergolas provide enough privacy?

Outdoor pergolas provide an adequate amount of privacy when integrated windproof side screens are installed, which can be lowered or raised at the touch of a button.

How can I incorporate lighting without overpowering the natural look?

Consider using soft, warm and dimmable LED lights so that you have more control over the harshness of the lighting in your pergola. Installing the lights along the beams or rafters will create a subtle and enchanting glow.

What maintenance is required for a pergola?

Unlike a traditional wooden pergola, modern aluminium pergolas are an incredibly low maintenance external shading system which means they only require occasional cleaning to keep them looking like new.

Can pergolas be attached to the house or should they be freestanding?

Pergolas are incredibly versatile outdoor structures and can be attached to an exterior wall of a property or freestanding, depending on your outdoor space and design preferences.

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