Reduce Energy With External Blinds

Energy prices are on the rise, the climate crisis is risking our state of living whilst we are still faced with post pandemic challenges, it is time to act and evaluate how we can personally adapt and make changes to our home lifestyle to relieve some of pressures to not only create a healthier home, but a healthier planet for generations to come.With winter ahead of us the growing concern for many homeowners is the cost of energy in the coming months, which is why it is more important than ever to start futureproofing homes and making investments to enhance the energy efficiency. The first point of call is to look at the windows, as this accounts for 20% of heat loss, which is a considerable amount. By opting for double glazed window solutions, the home can stay more insulated, shrinking the carbon footprint by 9% as well as saving an average of £95 on energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust.To further improve the efficiency of double-glazed windows, we recommend investing in exterior blinds which will provide additional insulation to the property, slowing the process of heat loss. With this perfect combination of window solutions, the U-Value (thermal heat transmittance) can be reduced from 3.0 u-value (double glazed window without external blinds) to 2.0 u-value (double glazed window with external blinds) thus keeping the home warmer and cost efficient whilst cutting the carbon footprint, which is the ultimate end goal.You are probably asking yourself why don’t you just stick with internal blinds and thick curtains to keep in the heat? External blinds surpass the capabilities of any internal solutions by far when you consider the performance across all seasons. Yes, outside blinds are a great insulating solution in the colder months, but they shine in the summer when protecting homes from overheating, outperforming any other solution. Using minimal energy to operate the automated system, they provide a protective barrier when required to prevent the sun’s damaging UV and solar heat rays from ever entering the property through the glazing and increasing temperatures to disturb the healthy living space. With the application of an external blind over a low-e double glazed window there is typically only a 7% heat transmission, which is significantly lower than the average 53% you would get with internal blinds and 70% with no shading whatsoever.External blinds are so efficient it is hard to dismiss the numbers, these simple shading solutions make perfect sense when it comes to helping reduce the effects of global warming, they can make the energy burning cooling devices obsolete whilst keeping homes warmer in the winter. An investment worthwhile that will keep homes healthier, and most importantly the planet. Contact our team today and discuss how we can enhance your home for a better future – 0344 800 1947.

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