Solar Shading That’s Suitable For Every Season

External Roller Blinds Winter

As a result of the sun's lower position in the sky and its increased intensity, we can often feel dazzled during the Winter months. Furthermore, this sunlight is prone to creating additional glare within our homes and though glare can be an issue all year round, bright Winter sunlight can make it extra difficult for our eyes to focus. This excess glare can lead to eye-strain and overall discomfort, hence why we tend to see an increase in enquiries regarding our innovative external roller blinds during this time of year. 

Glare, caused by the sun's lower point in the sky, is a direct result of the Earth's annual cycle. This cycle impacts how the sun's rays strike various locations on Earth, with the sun's path varying from one season to the next.  For example, The Earth is at its most extreme tilt during the Winter and Summer solstices, therefore the lowest arc through the sky occurs on December 21st.

External Roller Blinds

Solar shading, such as our external roller blinds or external roof blinds, work by using this predictable movement of the sun to utilize energy for heating and cooling purposes. For example, our blinds prevent overheating in the Summer, by blocking up to 96% of the sun's incoming solar heat radiation, along with reducing heat loss in Winter to deliver a passively cooled, glare-free and naturally lit space on a year-round basis.

Our innovative external blinds maintain optimum comfort all year-round, adding both kerb appeal and value to properties of all shapes and sizes. Plus, as air conditioning units are no longer required, homeowners can enjoy lower-energy bills whilst reducing their property's carbon emissions, so they're an excellent eco-friendly addition to any home this Autumn.

You can see our complete range of blinds in action along with receiving honest, sound, expert advice from our friendly specialists at Grand Designs Live which kicks off on 19th of October at Birmingham's NEC. Alternatively, contact us today on 0344 800 1947 where one of our dedicated experts will be able to advise you on the correct system for your requirements. 

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