Spring Home Updates

Spring Home Garden

Now that Spring is emerging, it’s time to break out of that Winter rut and update your home ahead of the lighter, brighter days. We show you how to give your a space a fresh new look this April with our six quick tricks. 

Freshen Fabrics:

Although fabrics such as tweed, velvet and silk will look fabulous all year-round, they can feel a bit heavy in the Spring and Summer months. Instead, opt for fabrics such as linen and printed cotton to lighten things up a bit. Plus, you’d be surprised how a quick change of bedding can give your bedroom a whole new look as well as motivating you to make your bed every single morning!

Re-Arrange Rooms:

As creatures of habit, it’s all too easy to leave a piece of furniture where we first placed it, without giving much thought to whether it may suit a better area of our home. We suggest mixing things up a bit this Spring by re-arranging the floor plan of your living space. There's no quicker nor cheaper way to give your interior a brand new feel! 

Incorporate Colour:

Colourful accessories are a tried and tested way of reviving your space ready for the new season. Printed vases and a display of attractive books will jazz up an old coffee table, whilst zesty cushions will add life to a tired sofa.  

Wow-Factor Walls:

Nothing revives a neglected space more than a fresh coat of paint. But if you don’t fancy embarking upon a vast DIY project, scale it down by adding a pop of colour to a small area such as the back of a bookcase or one of your ceilings for an instant style update.

Think Floral:

Florals are a classic way to add a touch of Spring to your home. To keep it sophisticated, we recommend choosing one piece in a modern, oversized print.

Spotless Surfaces:

Spring is synonymous with getting your house in tip-top condition after the Winter months. One of the best places to start is by de-cluttering all your surfaces, particularly those that end up engulfed in miscellaneous items. Be ruthless- if it hasn’t been used or admired in the past year, it has to go! Not only will the area will be easier to clean in future, it’ll draw more attention to your favourite decorative pieces by allowing them to properly ‘breathe.’   

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