SS21 Feature Project 2: Whole House Shading

This summer it is likely that, again, most of us won’t be travelling overseas and we have already had a glimpse of more of the fantastic weather that we enjoyed in 2020. Last year, one family in Surrey found it a huge challenge to prevent their south facing property from overheating and undertook extensive research on the most effective solutions to keep their home cool.External Blinds | External Roller Blinds | Blinds | Caribbean Blinds | Patio Awnings | Cuba Patio AwningAfter realising external shading creates a barrier to solar heat and therefore prevents the issue of overheating, Caribbean Blinds were contacted to discuss adding a combination of outdoor roller blinds to the upstairs and downstairs windows and an awning over the patio doors that could provide both shade and shelter without affecting the view out into their garden.

Of importance to the client was the design of the solution, it had to be sleek & stylish and motorised remote control operation was a must with each product operable individually as well as a group for maximum flexibility. Additionally as the property was exposed the systems had to be able to withstand sudden gusts and changes in weather.External Blinds | External Roller Blinds | Blinds | Caribbean Blinds | Patio Awnings | Cuba Patio AwningFollowing a detailed site survey and consultation we manufactured and installed a total of 7no. Antiguan windproof outdoor roller blinds, plus a large projection Cuba awning to the south facing windows and patio area of this residential property. The roller blinds and awning both feature a streamline, modern flush fitting square edged design and convenient app control allow the client to see the exact position and operate the products in whatever combination they like, from anywhere. Furthermore zip locking technology built into the side guides of the roller blinds physically locks the fabric in place at every position, rendering the blind windproof and prevents any light shining between the edge, whilst drop forged joints and quad cable tensioned arms on the awning offer the highest wind resistance.External Blinds | External Roller Blinds | Blinds | Caribbean Blinds | Patio Awnings | Cuba Patio AwningThe project, from initial concept to completion, took just 2 months, with the seamless external shading addition now creating the ideal environment for the family to fully enjoy their home space both inside and out and the solution able to withstand anything the British weather brings.

For more information on the various types of external shading systems available and to discuss the possible addition of external blinds and awnings to your property to create a cool and comfortable indoor / outdoor space this Summer speak to one of our team on 0344 800 1947 or complete our quick enquiry form here and we will call you back.

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