SS21 Feature Project 4: Multifunctional Shading

Rising temperatures combined with the growing number of eco and ultra-modern properties has resulted in an increase in demand for both contemporary and functional shading solutions to prevent many homes across the country from becoming unhabitable ‘greenhouses’. However, with many properties in ‘built up’ locations including newly created estates with properties overlooking one another and / or the street, shading is often needed to provide more than just shade and this was the case for a local client over in Cambridge.

The full floor to ceiling window to their master bedroom of their stylish new build home not only were the cause of overheating but also lacked privacy and the lights from the street flooded the room, all resulting in a poor nights sleep.

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Having chosen not to opt for an interior blind as it would clutter the clean lines and modern styling of the home and could not offer the high level of heat protection required, it was essential that any external solution appeared fully integrated, as if it had been there from when the house was built.

After a full consultation and discussion with the client to assess their requirements, we recommended our Antiguan external blind. This roller blind not only encompass a sleek design but zip locking technology built into the side channels secures the fabric in place at every position, rendering the blind windproof, preventing any light shining through and ensuring maximum privacy. The clean square lines of the system flow seamlessly with the style of the property, whilst the inside reveal mount creates an integral appearance. All fixings are hidden and the full cassette headbox discreetly conceals the blind when not in use, ensuring a seamless addition to the customer’s home.

External Blinds | External Roller Blinds | Blinds | Caribbean Blinds

The client now has a bedroom they can comfortably sleep in, as it will not overheat in warmer weather, or allow light in when the blind is deployed and they have the privacy they desire. Furthermore the shading design is in keeping with the modern look of the property.

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If you have a contemporary home and are looking for a sleek and effective shading solution to help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable living space, contact us using our quick enquiry form here or phone 0344 800 1947 and we will organise a free design consultation to run through the suitable options for your property and specific requirements.

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