SS21 Feature Project 5: Basement Shading

A skylight installed to a basement dining room of a Cambridge mews, opened up the room allowing it to flood with light and give a feeling of endless space, however, it wasn’t long before our client was experiencing excessive light (glare) and unwanted heat gain, as well as a lack of privacy from the neighbouring buildings.

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Our Cayman external roof blind was the obvious solution as it mounts to the outside on top of the skylight providing a first line of defence to both solar heat and light. It was particularly important that the blind hardware was not obtrusive or bulky, which a site consultation with samples held in positioned demonstrated how our installation would appear simply an extension to the skylight frame, a seamless addition.

Roof Blind | Skylight Blind | External Blinds | External Roof Blinds | Exterior Roof Blinds

A mid (Manhattan) Grey from our unique Twilight pearl dimout fabric collection was selected for the material. This unique perforated material with a 3% openness factor diffuses incoming light to prevent glare whilst maintaining a view through from inside to out and all while offering an outstanding heat block of 90%. The hardware was then colour-matched to the skylight frame (in Anthracite Grey) and operation made effortless via remote control.

Taking just half a day to install by our own team, the client now has a naturally cooled, glare-free basement dining space to be used all year round, no matter the weather.

Roof Blind | Skylight Blind | External Blinds | External Roof Blinds | Exterior Roof Blinds

If you would like to find out more about our high performance tensioned blinds, designed to cover glazing of all sizes and inclinations, ensuring the space beneath remains cool and glare free, contact one of our team on 0344 800 1947 or complete our quick enquiry form here.

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