SS21 Feature Project 6: Traditional Shading

Whilst our range of innovative awnings are typically seen on modern and new build properties, thanks to the clean, square edged design of our Cuba model awning, this awning is as suitable for use on an older traditional property as it is on a new contemporary home as our latest case study demonstrates.

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This elegant property located in the Kent countryside, benefits from a generous terrace, that enjoys views across the mature gardens, however, the client wanted to be able to enjoy this space, not just on warm, dry days but also in less clement weather. It was important that any solution was not permanent (with framework) so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the terrace but needed to be able to withstand strong gusts of wind due to the exposed setting and had to be unobtrusive when closed away.

After an initial consultation with samples of our models shown and set against the property, it was clear our Cuba model awning perfectly fitted the bill thanks to the streamline proportions of the awning and flush fitting design, which appeared unobtrusive on the façade and not out of place.

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When extended, the retractable folding arms that are kept under tension via a combination of two double coiled springs and four hi-tensile stainless steel cables can withstand high winds upto 30mph and also keep the fabric under optimum tension. Thanks to the awning being installed with a pitch of 14 degrees, coupled with the taut fabric ensures sudden or persistent rain showers don’t pose a problem with the water simply beading on and running off the material, cleaning the fabric of surface dirt at the same time.

Operation is effortless via remote control, with the awning incorporating a wind protection sensor so should the awning be left out and high winds (beyond the safe level of the awning) pose a danger, it will automatically retract away safely into its fully enclosed aluminium cassette casing, which has been finished in a cream to complement the façade.

To find out more about our retractable awnings that provide instant and effective shade and shelter, offering full protection from the elements and resulting in the ultimate al-fresco living space click here or request a free no obligation estimate here.

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