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As always the British weather is changing, throwing us off and keeping us on our toes for that next spin of sunshine. As we work through the week we are always clinging on to that hope that the sun will arrive in time for the weekend so that the BBQ’s and parties can commence. As soon as it makes an appearance it is only then in a typical British manner that we start to moan about the heat being too intense to even step foot outdoors, we will never be happy unless we start doing something about it.

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If you want to throw the perfect garden party in the summer you need to provide more than just great food and drinks, you need to be able to offer your guests a pleasant atmosphere where they can relax. This requires a garden design that creates shaded areas for your guests to cool off and not be exposed to the strong heat.

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Your home is particularly vulnerable to solar radiation if you have large glass expanses without any form of smart window treatment. Glazing rapidly magnifies the solar rays, increasing internal temperatures. Our home is where we need to feel most comfortable therefore you should not wait for the issue to arise in order to act on a solution, you should be one step ahead.

At Caribbean Blinds we notice a surge of solar shading enquiries when the heat increases, which is great for business, but with everybody making an initial enquiry at the same time this creates a queue. We want to ensure that every customer receives the best customer service from start to finish as we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality products with a high quality service. If you are looking to apply SMART shading, do not wait till the sun starts to shine, stay one step ahead and enjoy the benefits straight away with no hassle.

If you would like to experience the benefits of our External Shading Solutions prior to purchase, then take a visit to our NEW Showsite and Shading Experience Centre in Sudbury, Suffolk. You will be able to get the best expert advice from our knowledgeable sales team and see the numerous features and innovations of our cutting edge products. Call our office on 0344 800 1947 to arrange an appointment or alternatively you can use our quick enquiry form and our team will get in touch with you. 

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