Summer 2016 Is Set To Be A Scorcher!

Summer 2016

Global temperatures are set to soar over the next few months as rising levels of greenhouse gases teamed with El Nino bring even more record-breaking warmth to our planet. According to the Met Office's forecast for the next five years, 2016 is set to be the warmest year since records began, followed by a slight decline in 2017 as the effects of El Nino begin to lessen.

In spite of this, more warming is set to continue, with experts predicting that this trend of rising temperatures will return during 2018, 2019 and 2020. 

As Doug Smith, a Met Office expert on long-term forecasting explains, "We cannot say exactly how hot 2018, 2019 or 2020 will be. That will depend on other variables. But the general trend is going to be upwards."

External Roller Blinds

The current El Nino is an meteorological event in which a band of warm water develops in the Pacific Ocean around the equator, causing the imminent peak in global temperatures. However, the consequences of Global Warming associated with this occurrence are usually slightly delayed, hence why 2016 is set to be even hotter than 2015, which was the warmest year on record.

Whilst many of us will look forward to this warmer weather, it's worth taking the correct precautions in order to stay cool, comfortable and most importantly safe whilst enjoying the sun. For example, rising temperatures reinforce the demand for solar shading solutions, such as our external roller blinds which block up to 96% of the sun's incoming solar heat radiation to ensure your indoor space remains cool, comfortable and glare-free on even the hottest of Summer days. Patio Awning in Waltham Abbey, Essex

Additionally, our retractable patio awnings, such as this one installed this week in Waltham Abbey, Essex, enhance, protects and prolongs the use of the terrace, allowing you to safely enjoy the continental lifestyle all year round. 

If you'd like to see our innvoative external shading systems in action and make your home and garden read for the Summer months, come along to Grand Designs Live where we will be exhibiting on stand G120 from 30th April to 8th May. Along with a number of sensational show offers that allow you to transform your property for less, our specialists with more than 25 years experience will be on hand to provide honest, expert advice regarding the correct external shading system for your application. 

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