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At Caribbean Blinds we pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of customer service, after all, when selecting the finest external shading systems it is natural to expect a service that is second to none from initial contact, through to survey, installation and after sale. After 30 years in the industry we understand our clients and their needs and we are continuously working with them to enhance and maintain our great reputation. We have refined and finessed our customer processes and journeys over the years and believe we offer exceptional and unparalleled levels of customer service. The glowing reviews we receive weekly let us know that the service we provide exceeds expectations which we always aim for. We ensure all of our technicians and staff are trained to the highest level to meet our company standards so that we can deliver great customer service across the board. We are continuously analysing all our methods and training so that we can always adapt and progress wherever we need to.

We recently noticed a reoccurring pattern that we could create a solution for to cut down the time for both the customer and sales team. On a regular basis we would often not receive the required details in order to generate a guide price, although this is stated in our communication documents we felt this needed to be more obvious and clearer. Our design team created a set of graphic icons to layout the customer journey in six simple steps, each step explaining every process leading up to the finished installed product in a simple and clear format. Now our potential clients can visually see the process they and we need to take in order to deliver our external shading solutions. 

At Caribbean Blinds our priority is to ensure our clients get a flawless service on their customer journey from the moment they enquire on the phone. We will continuously evaluate our methods and seek new opportunities to improve. Make your first enquiry today and benfit from our innovative external shading systems.


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