The Pitfalls Of Not Dealing With a Specialist

There are various types of exterior blinds on the marketplace and whilst they are designed with the same key purpose in mind, to provide solar control and sun protection, each product group is designed for a specific application.

The above photo provided to us shows how a lack of experience can result not only in a poor installation but also the incorrect product being used for a specific application. In this photo a folding arm awning, more frequently referred to as a patio awning has been installed above a conservatory to provide sun protection.

Other than the fact the awning is out of level, which it transpires was down to the fixing bracket on one side pulling away from the wall due to the incorrect installation method being used, patio awnings are NOT designed for use above conservatories or glass roofs of any description. As the name (patio awnings) suggests, they are specifically designed to provide sun shade over a terrace area with the additional benefit of providing solar heat and light control to the adjoining internal room.

Featuring folding arms that contain powerful springs to extend the awning and keep the material taut at every position, the folding arms are designed to move in the wind to prevent damage occurring to the awning.

In this instance, gusts of winds could cause the arms to flex with the result of the front profile (leading edge of the blind) coming into contact with the conservatory roof and at higher windspeeds both the folding arms and front profile could come crashing down onto the conservatory roof resulting in damage to both the awning and conservatory.

The problem with the exterior blind industry in the UK is that the majority of companies selling exterior blinds have simply bolted external blinds onto their current product portfolio usually consisting of interior blinds or garage doors. These companies sell external blinds on an occasional basis so have limited knowledge and experience and will almost always install an awning for all applications because this is the only product they are aware of / can cope with.

For the application in the photo a tensioned exterior roof blind (aka conservatory awning – see image below) which features fixed lateral guides to the left/right which the lead rail is locked and runs within (so cannot come into contact with the conservatory) should have been installed.

Caribbean is the only company in the marketplace who are involved solely in exterior blinds and nothing else. All we do day in day out is manufacture, supply and install external blinds of all types, styles and finishes, with a yearly output capacity in excess of 10,000 units. With a heritage that stretches back 26 years and an average employee length of time with us of more than 10 years, we are truly specialists in our field with an extensive portfolio of products and the knowledge & experience to provide the right product and solution, first time, every time.

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