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Patio Awning | Caribbean Blinds | Cuba Patio Awning | Commercial

Known for its practicality and stylish design, the Cuba patio awning has quickly become a commercial favourite, providing instant shade and shelter from the elements at the touch of a button to create the perfect setting for an alfresco dining experience. This modern retractable awning can be applied to both single storey and two-storey facades, and with the ability to create a bespoke solution, our team can design a patio awning to cater to every application, requirement, and budget in mind.

Manufactured in the heart of Suffolk, the Cuba patio awning is fabricated using only the finest and most robust materials, making it the most desirable and durable electric awning in the UK, perfect for commercial businesses looking to make an investment and enhance their business. Here are some of features that make this Cuba patio awning so sought-after.

Patio Awning | Caribbean Blinds | Cuba Patio Awning | Commercial

No alfresco space is complete without light & heat. The Cuba awning cassette can seamlessly integrate an LED light track across the entire width to provide an ambient setting for diners when light levels drop, whilst the wall mounted infra-red heaters provide essential and instant warmth to prolong the use of your outdoor area.

Patio Awning | Caribbean Blinds | Cuba Patio Awning

Powerful folding arms tensioned via quadruple tear-resistant sheathed stainless steel intertwined cables, can withstand windspeeds upto Beaufort 6 (30mph).

Patio Awning | Caribbean Blinds | Cuba Patio Awning

A fully enclosed streamline cassette provides protection for the fabric and operating mechanism from tempestuous weather conditions.

Patio Awning | Caribbean Blinds | Cuba Patio Awning

Equipped with innovative vibration sensors to measure windspeeds and automatically retract the awning during strong winds to keep it from harm’s way.

Patio Awning | Caribbean Blinds | Cuba Patio Awning

Premium solution dyed acrylic fabrics that do not fade or stretch, coated with TEXgard to prevent dirt and water from clinging to the surface.

Considering the current climate and the behaviour change of diners and drinkers, now is the perfect time to invest in your outdoor space. It is time to futureproof your business and give your customers the ultimate alfresco experience where they can dine in safety and comfort. Enquire today and speak to one of our knowledgeable commercial advisers on 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can use our price enquiry page to obtain a FREE guide price.

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