Why Is It Hotter In The Cities?

Urban Heat Island Effect | Caribbean BlindsIt is a well-known fact that large cities will experience a higher rise in temperatures compared to smaller towns and more rural areas of the country, this is known as the urban heat island effect. This can be caused by a congestion of thermal buildingspavements and human activity all within close radius, making the city more susceptible to retaining unwanted heat and during the summer is when it is most impactful. When you head out to the countryside there is a notable difference in the atmosphere, the open space allows the air to move freely and the plants and trees create shade to cool the temperature.  

So, what can you do to reduce the impact of the urban heat island effect and create a healthier living space for you and your family?  

As we have already established buildings are a large contributor to the effect, generating a large amount of thermal energy caused by solar radiation entering the property through the weak spots – glazing, of which buildings are incorporating ever more of, subsequently causing internal temperatures to rise. Some will resort to using air conditioning systems and fans to cool the internal space, but the energy used to power these systems in turn will create heat and add to the UHI effect which can have a detrimental effect on the planet and your energy bills along with our health and well being. 

External Blinds | External Roller Blinds | Blinds | Caribbean BlindsAt Caribbean Blinds we have been specialising in external shading solutions for over 33 years and our type of products have been proven to be the most effective at combating solar heat gain with minimal energy consumption. By applying external blinds to the outside of glazing  they are effectively able to deflect and absorb the suns near infra-red heat rays, preventing them from entering the indoors space where they would otherwise be absorbed and re-radiated as heat that would remain trapped inside, causing temperatures to soar. 

Our exterior blinds can offer an alternative solution, a greener solution that is practical and beneficial to our comfort and the planetInvesting in smart external shading solutions will enhance your way of living. Contact us on 0344 800 1947 to find out more or alternatively browse the wealth of information on our website for more details on the energy saving and comfort benefits of external shading. 

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