Wrap Up Warm This Bonfire Night

Whilst the iconic poem ensures we always remember the date of Guy Fawkes, ("remember, remember, the 5th of November") it’s crucial we don't forget to wrap up as warm as possible as we eagerly await firework displays up and down the country. 

When standing around for a prolonged length of time it's easy to feel the cold, but with the correct preparations and a few handy hints, it couldn’t be easier for you and your family to stay lovely and toasty this Bonfire Night and throughout the approaching Winter season. Check out our top tips below: 

1. Layer Up:
Contrary to popular belief, wearing two thinner layers is much more effective at keeping you warm than one thick layer. Ideally, opt for a polypropylene or another man-made fabric next to the skin, a knit middle layer (this helps you retain heat by trapping air close to your body), and a man-made outer layer that will shield you from wind or rain. If you get too warm, simply remove the middle layer. Adapt this method for when you're heading out and about during the Winter months for maximum warmth and comfort.   

2. Stick The Kettle On:
Hot beverages are a Bonfire Night must-have, with a mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate guaranteeing an instant burst of warmth as well as heating your hands, so don’t forget your spare change.

3. Wear A Hat:
It has long been believed that ‘70% of a person's body heat escapes through their head’ but this statement is somewhat false, with body-heat loss relating to how much skin is exposed, rather than which part of the body you're exposing. This said, wearing a warm hat will definitely help keep you warm this Winter, but a hat isn't a fitting substitute in return of a coat or jacket with good insulation.

4. Prepare For Rain:
Along with looking at the temperatures, it’s always worth checking the likelihood of rain before you head to a fireworks display so, if necessary, you can bring the appropriate wet weather gear. Macs are generally better than umbrellas as these can restrict the visibility of others at the firework display.

5. Invest In A Patio Heater
Last but not least, if you're hosting your own Guy Fawkes party or enjoying a display from the comfort of your garden, a patio heater is a great investment as it ensures your guests stay warm well into the early hours. Alternatively, if you're looking for something a little more permanent, remember our Outdoor Living Pod has a custom built-in infra-red radiant heater mounted to the cross beams to keep you cosy on the coldest of Winter nights whilst creating the ideal atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining with family and friends. 

Inspired to attend a Fireworks display this Guy Fawkes having read our blog post? Click here to find out which firework events are taking place in your local area over the next couple of days. 

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