How Much Wind Will External Blinds Withstand?

Our external blinds are designed and built to withstand the elements, including strong breezes and occasional gusts of winds. European Directive EN13561, which all external blinds must be certified to, details different wind classes (class 1, 2 & 3) and confirms the suitability of an external blind in different wind conditions.

The chart below shows the classes each of our model external blinds has been certified to, including a description of the acceptable wind levels. It should be noted that the wind class rating is based on the biggest size blind in the range, so in the case of both our Antiguan model roller blind and Cayman model roof blind 18 sq/m.

Blind Model Wind Class Beaufort Speed Description
Antiguan 3 6 (31mph) Strong Breeze – large branches in motion, whistling heard in overhead wires, umbrella use becomes difficult
Dominica 3 6 (31mph) Strong Breeze – large branches in motion, whistling heard in overhead wires, umbrella use becomes difficult
Cayman 2 5 (24mph) Fresh Breeze – branches of a moderate size move, small trees in leaf begin to sway

Electric blinds can be equipped with wind sensors that detect the wind speed levels, automatically retracting a blind should strong winds exceed safe levels. Whilst these sensors are not a fail-safe device, they do offer additional protection and peace of mind and therefore are highly recommended to protect both your external blind and property. The fabric on external blinds should be relatively still but if it is flapping around and the leadrail moving within the side guides this is a sign that it should be retracted. It is important that an external blind is retracted away before high wind levels or extreme weather is expected as even retracting an external blind away during high winds can cause damage.

Under no circumstances should anything be hung from external blinds and be sure when retracting external blinds that there are no foreign objects in the way (ie small broken twigs sitting on the fabric or within the side guides) or allowed to roll within the fabric/cassette. External blinds are not designed to be left out in gale force wind speeds or adverse weather conditions of any description including hale, snow, frost, thunderstorms, lightening etc.

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