What Height Should My Awning Be Installed At?

The mounting height of a patio awning is determined by the required leadrail (walk under) height and the pitch the awning is required at. Subsequently, the pitch is determined by the use of the awning.

Patio awnings along with being used for sun protection are also used to provide shelter from rain showers. To ensure rainwater runs off and does not pool on the fabric, a patio awning must be set at 14 degrees (or greater). Also from an aesthetics perspective, at 14 degrees patio awnings visually look correct, not too steep or not too shallow. Obstructions and limitations on the façade such as protruding pipes, Juliet balconies and single-storey buildings will also impact the mounting position meaning it is not always possible to obtain a 14-degree pitch.

The chart below shows the mounting height of a patio awning with the optimum 14-degree pitch (bold) along with minimum 5 degree and maximum 38-degree pitch (based on our Cuba Awning). These are based on the awning having a 2m leadrail (typical walk under) height when fully extended.

Projection 5 Degree Pitch 14 Degree Pitch 38 Degree Pitch
1.50m 2.14m 2.38m 3.00m
2.00m 2.18m 2.50m 3.34m
2.50m 2.23m 2.63m 3.68m
3.00m 2.27m 2.75m 4.01m
3.50m 2.32m 2.88m 4.35m
3.75m 2.34m 2.94m 4.52m


If a higher or lower leadrail height is required than the typical 2m (used for calculating the mounting heights shown above), simply add or subtract the extra figure from the mounting heights above (ie if the leadrail is required at 2.1m add 10cm onto the above mounting height figures).

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