5 Secrets To Hosting The Perfect Barbecue


As the weather finally begins to improve, many of you will begin to think about heating up the barbecue this weekend. After all, there’s no better way to make the most of the warmer days than gathering friends and family for some alfresco wining and dining. Take a look at our top tips below for transforming your little get-together into a party to remember:

1. Always start with a clean, oiled grill to keep food from sticking. Preheat the grill, give it a scrub with a grill brush and then coat with vegetable oil. Avoid turning meats frequently on the grill- one flip is all they need. Once the meats are grilled to your taste, let them stand for a few minutes on a warm plate tented with foil. This allows the meat time to “rest” whilst letting the juices regroup for the best possible flavour.

2. Colourful decor, such as vibrant tablecloths and tableware, will instantly brighten up an alfresco area, and as the sun begins to set, lighting is key for creating a cosy atmosphere amongst guests. Twinkling fairy or festoon lights create an inviting ambience, whilst Citronella candles provide a good light source and, as a natural insect repellant, effectively keep bugs at bay with their lemon scent.

3. It’s easy to throw some beers in a water cooler, but how about going the extra mile by crafting your own special drink or cocktail for the occasion? You could create a new variation of the classic lemonade, or for the adults, Sangria is a timeless tipple that’s sure to impress on a hot Summer’s day.

4. Although the main event of a barbecue is of course the grilled meats, side dishes are important too- especially if you have non-meat eaters attending your garden party. Not only are they easy to prepare and highly nutritious, seasonal fruit and vegetables, such as sweetcorn, tomatoes and watermelon, add variety and colour to your guests’ plates. 

5. Finally, if you’re short on time and would rather spend more of the day enjoying your guest’s company than slaving away in the kitchen, why not ask your friends to bring along an appetizer or dessert? They’re sure to be happy to pitch in, and this is a great way to add some delicious surprises to your table! 

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