The Many Benefits Of Natural Light

Natural Light

According to a recently published study, people who spend more time in natural lighting have increased productivity levels and alertness compared to those individuals that spend the majority of their day in artificial lighting. This is because light directly impacts the amount of Melatonin a person produces, which affects how awake we feel. 

Not only does natural light exposure boost the amount we can achieve in a day, but it also has a strong influence on our moods and helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst keeping numerous diseases and illnesses at bay. Here's three great reasons why natural sunlight is so crucial in our day-to-day lives, particularly when teamed with one of our innovative solar shading solutions:

Patio Awning

1. Although we all know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun's intense rays, particularly during the height of Summer, some exposure to the sun is good for our health. As the sun provides us with between 90 to 95% of our Vitamin D levels, it is essential for absorbing calcium, keeping our bones healthy and protecting against serious chronic diseases later in life, such as Multiple Sclerosis and many common cancers.  

Without a doubt the most effective way to safely enjoy the sun from the comfort of your garden is with a stylish shading solution, such as our sleek patio awnings. All of our awnings feature UV rated 801 fabrics, enabling you to enjoy full use of your patio/terrace with complete peace of mind that you're safeguarded from any harmful UV rays, whilst soaking up that all-important Vitamin D. 

Outdoor Gym

2. It is no coincidence that we feel happier and more energetic when the sun is out, as sunshine boosts levels of Serotonin, which is the body's natural happy hormone. Regular exposure to the sun can starve off moderate depression, especially when combined with exercise such as a walk in the park, hence why many experts recommend exercising outside rather than indoors for maximum feel-good factor. 

If you would like to increase your Serotonin levels by spending more time outside and making the most of your garden, our fully-flexible Outdoor Living Pod which features an innovative rotating roof enables full use of your terrace 365 days a year come rain or shine. Boasting integrated screens, led lighting and infra-red heating, our impressive Pod is the perfect location for socialising, relaxing and even exercising, such as our installation above in Highgate, London. This Pod will be used to house an outdoor gym, forming the perfect all-weather workout space whilst allowing our client's to enjoy a happy, balanced lifestyle.

External Roller Blinds

3. Finally, it's a well-known fact that exposure to natural sunlight can help alleviate the Winter blues, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a depression specifically caused by a lack of sunlight. Although light-boxes are commonly used to treat this condition, increased exposure to natural sunlight is far more beneficial in the long-term. Given that it's not always possible to get outside for a walk during the Autumn/Winter months, especially when working long hours, external roller blinds are becoming an increasingly common choice for offices in a bid to boost worker's productivity, well-being and overall happiness.

Our external roller blinds rapidly adapt to the changing outdoor conditions to achieve maximum occupant efficiency and enjoyment of the internal space, creating a working environment which is cool in Summer, warm in Winter and free from glare all year round. Better yet, natural light is still admitted and the view is maintained, eradicating the need to use artificial lighting, which helps to boost the well-being of staff whilst restoring optimal comfort throughout all four seasons.

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