Lack of Knowledge About Gardens Costs Brits £672M a Year


Britons are wasting a staggering £672m per year on their gardens, according to a survey conducted by Gardena. Yearly, Londoners splash an average £1,000 on their gardens, but much of this expenditure goes down the drain due to garden calamities, often caused by a lack of knowledge.

With a fifth of gardeners saying they fail to remember to water their plants, and 64% claiming their gardening endeavours are ruined by snails, slugs, insects and birds, it appears Brits could do with a little help when it comes to managing their outside spaces. Lawns are another common problem-area, with one fifth of homeowners admitting that their lawns are either awash with moss, or have patches where the grass has died. The research also unveiled that Britons spend a mere 36 hours per year maintaining their gardens, which means they often end up looking neglected and in need of repair.

Paul Simpson of Gardena added, “It’s a sad fact that budding gardeners are seeing so much wastage in their gardens- the vast majority of which is easily avoidable.”

If you’re beginning to find your garden more of a chore than an enjoyment, you’re not alone, and there are always changes you can make to increase your garden’s manageability. As a general rule of thumb, the key to achieving a low-maintenance garden is to exchange any soft landscaping, such as turf and garden beds, to hard landscaping options such as paving areas, gravel, slate, pergolas, etc. Decking boards are also an excellent substitute to grass as they require little aftercare, and of course, there’s no mowing required!

This said, if you’re not ready to sacrifice your lawn just yet, a growing number of homeowners are opting for fake grass as a viable alternative. Two-thirds of residents claimed they chose this option because not only does artificial grass save time and effort, but it also guarantees a plush, green outside space that’s easy to clean, doesn’t require fertilisers and cannot be dug up by dogs and other animals. 

With many of us guilty of neglecting our plants, only heightened during the Summer when plants require more watering than usual, a self-watering system could be the answer to your gardening woes. These clever systems mean the average-sized plant only requires watering on a weekly basis, turning a daily chore into a weekly task- perfect if you’re going away this Summer.

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