The Rise of Lawn Alternatives

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A recent news article revealed one in four gardens no longer has any grass, with a rising number of homeowners opting for low-maintenance alternatives such as decking, paving and AstroTurf in replacement of the traditional lawn.

Whilst a well-kept lawn was once the pride and joy of many British homeowners, the survey reported almost three quarters of adults described having a lawn as a ‘burden.’ In fact, over half of the 1,000 homeowners surveyed said they would now choose decking, patio space or sheds over grass, while a fifth would prioritize a summerhouse.

Furthermore, one in ten homeowners now has fake grass, with two-thirds claiming they installed it because they do not have enough time to mow the lawn. Not only does the installation of a fake lawn save a significant amount of time, it also guarantees a plush, green outside space that’s easy to clean, doesn’t require any fertilisers and cannot be dug up by dogs and other animal.

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This reflects a change in consumer’s demands, highlighting how an outside space with minimal upkeep is becoming an increasingly desirable feature for modern-day homeowners, and who can blame them? As a nation of busy individuals striving to keep our gardens looking their best without the time-consuming chores, it’s easy to see why mowing, fertilising and watering the lawn is falling out of favour. 

With this in mind, it’s highly likely over the next few years we will continue to see new and innovative products emerging that have been specifically designed to keep such maintenance to a minimum.

However, for the meantime, along with the addition of artificial grass, there are still plenty of options for you to consider as highlighted in our Guide To Low-Maintenance Gardening. From self-watering containers, simple paving and evergreen plants, it couldn’t be easier to create a stunning outside space without the time-consuming upkeep. 

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