Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass for Outdoor Living Pods

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Last week we took a look at the benefits of composite decking and how the trend of artificial replacements to your everyday products are becoming a common site around the average household. Another synthetic manufactured product that has seen an increase in demand recently is Artificial Grass, it has had a rocky past but it has progressed into a more respectable alternative to natural grass.

Since entering the market, it has made a significant leap from the blatant vivid green plastic to a more natural weathered option. Depending on how much investment you make will depend on the quality of your product, a higher end solution will provide you with a grass that is harder to distinguish from the real thing.

Opting for realism could cost you up to £30 per sq. meter, which is considerably more expensive than your natural turf or grass seeds. If you have a large surface area to cover than this is going to be a serious investment, so you will need to consider the benefits to ease your mind.

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The main selling point for synthetic grass is the low maintenance it needs, with a long life span of 15 years there is not much you need to worry about once you have laid this down. Unlike natural grass, this product will withstand the elements and retain its clean green look, giving you a mud free garden. If you have active children and pets than this product would be ideal as it would not take any damage from the constant ware and pressure.

This eco-friendly product is becoming a popular favourite in many households as it eliminates the emissions needed to power a lawnmower and it saves on water. By considering a green solution like artificial grass you will be able to help to reduce the impact on the climate.

Choosing a natural or artificial solution is all dependant on your taste and lifestyle. If you have the time to tend to a garden then you could save yourself some money on cheaper natural grass. However, if you are leading a busy life style of a city dweller or commercial business than a low-maintenance plastic turf would be worth considering.

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At Caribbean Blinds Ltd, we have recently took to introducing artificial grass into our new show site that will display our latest Outdoor Living Pods™. The low maintenance is what appealed to us, as we are a very busy company it would be hard for us to try and maintain this regularly. With a constant flow of potential clients visiting us, we want to ensure that we maintain a clean and fresh appearance at all times so that they can envision the pods in their own homes. Not only have we gone for the synthetic grass but we also laid down grass decking to our show site, another synthetic solution to wood decking. We now have a show site that is fully functional all year round thanks to Lazy Lawn.

If you would like to find out more about our Show Site and what we have on offer then call a member of our Sales Team – 0344 800 1947

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