Best ways to design an awning for your business

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Designing a commercial awning for your business can be an exciting process. Commercial retractable awnings offer protection from the elements and shelter for your patrons. They also offer style and value that can help your business stand out from the others and potentially increase your clientele. Commercial fabric awnings are a valuable investment, and as such you will want to make sure that they are designed correctly for maximum returns. Therefore, here is our guide on the best ways to design commercial retractable awnings for your business.

1. Plan Your Design

The first thing to do before you start purchasing and installing any commercial retractable awnings is to decide how you want it to look. Every business is different, and not all awnings will work with the same storefront. Consider what your awning design will need to fulfil its functionality and purpose regarding your business premises. You will need to examine factors such as your external building design, its position in relation to the sun, the type of commercial space you own, the theming and décor, and what its main purpose will be (increased seating, glare control, etc). Whether you need to increase your seating space, provide protection for your office from heat and glare, or enhance the front of your store, an awning could be the perfect choice.

2. Set a Budget

Once you have a firm idea of what you want your commercial awning design to be, you can now set a budget for how much you are willing to spend. At Caribbean Blinds we offer free expert advice and a no obligation quotation. Our informed and friendly staff can take you on the journey to create the perfect awning for your business. Simply complete this short form  and within 48 hours, one of our experienced estimators will respond with advice on the right system(s) along with an accurate budget for the solution(s) and full product specifications. By sticking to a budget, you can keep your overall goals achievable while still creating a design that suits your business needs.

3. Choose the Awning Type

There are many different types of awning to consider and below you will find a summary of what Caribbean Blinds has to offer:

Electric Awning Models

The most popular type is the electric awning due to their effortless convenience. Often referred to as an awning that is motorised, operated at the touch of a button, a sealed tubular motor is built within the rollertube of the awning.

Pergola Awning Models

A pergola awning is a retractable garden awning that extends out on a framework and can subsequently cover larger areas such as a dining area. These awnings are typically more rigid and durable than a folding arm awning. Fabric is wound round a rollertube inside a cassette headbox. The fabric is connected to the leadrail which then extends and retracts with the awning.

Retractable Awning Models

A retractable awning outstretches from a façade, providing instant shade and shelter when required and fully retract when not required. Often referred to as a patio awning, this model is the number one type of awning chosen by restaurants around the country and are typically motorised operated for convenience.

Waterproof Awning Models

A waterproof awning is simply a folding arm awning set to an appropriate angle to ensure that water runs off the material and does not pool on the fabric. All Caribbean brand awnings are constructed from the highest quality materials, using super-strong extruded aluminium for the framework, hi-tensile double coiled springs and stainless steel cables or belts for the tensioning devices.

Each choice will have its pros and cons as to how well they fit the purpose, functionality, and style of your business. By using a professional company, they will be able to help with these steps and make sure you are getting the right awning for your business.

4. Speak with a Professional

Unless you have considerable experience putting up commercial awnings, it is always the best idea to hire an expert to ensure the work is done as professionally as possible. Designing and installing a commercial awning is a big job, and you will want someone who knows how to do it safely and efficiently to make sure the job is done correctly. A professional commercial awning installer not only will have experience with installing awnings of all kinds but will also be able to offer advice that can make your design even more effective. Make sure to choose an expert installer with a good reputation in the industry to ensure you get the best service.

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