Beware of Fake Outdoor Living Pods

Original Outdoor Living Pod

It has come to our attention recently that several companies are claiming to offer an ‘Outdoor Living Pod’. Whilst they may now be importing and offering a (inferior) louvered roof system given the surge in demand for flexible outdoor shade/shelter solutions that allow all year round use of the garden (without spoiling the alfresco feel), they do not offer the Outdoor Living PodTM, which is the name & trademark of our louvered roof pergola canopy – the first, the original and still the best (by far!).

The Outdoor Living PodTM is only available direct from Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd. It is not available through independent re-sellers of any description, so if you find a company claiming to offer the Outdoor Living PodTM they are deliberately misleading you and their product is in no way made or connected to Caribbean Blinds.

The only reason for a company wanting to make out they are offering an ‘Outdoor Living Pod’ is to ride off the back (and success) of the superb name and reputation we have created for our superior louvered roof pergola canopy which we launched in early 2011 and have been actively marketing under our trademark Outdoor Living PodTM at numerous consumer shows/exhibitions, in glossy homes magazines along with the hundreds of thousands of flyers we have distributed on the product and endless articles that appear on numerous lifestyle websites & in newspapers. Plus there is then the prestigious awards the product has won, recognised for its innovation and superior design features.

Given the influx of cheaper, sub standard louvered roof systems now coming onto the market, along with inexperienced companies selling them, claiming to be specialists, when they are not (instead they are typically just general home/garden improvement companies), we will be posting an article later on in the month that compares and highlights the significant differences in quality between our system and the alternate louvered roofs now being imported plus the attention to detail that we pay at survey & install to ensure the neatest fitting solution by far, gained from our vast experience as the largest louvered roof installer in the UK and dedication solely to the field of external solar shading for more than 25 years.

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