British Holidaymakers Are Going Green

External Blinds

New research published earlier this week has revealed concern for the environment is playing a big factor in Britons' hotel bookings, with one in five people saying they're more likely to stay somewhere if it uses renewable energy sources.

The survey revealed half of all travellers said the sustainability and energy usage of a hotel is something they regard as important, with solar panels and low energy lighting of greatest significance. Furthermore, 19% of respondents said they are more likely to recommend a B&B or hotel if it demonstrates a willingness to look after the environment. 

Additionally, 50% said they would be willing to be an 'eco-customer' if they were to receive a 10% discount by adopting environmentally-friendly behaviours such as having their lights and electricity on stand-by, limiting towel usage and using a restricted supply of hot water during the course of their stay. A further third of guests said they believe hotels should be judged on how sustainable they are, with an accreditation system introduced to rank their sustainability.

These statistics highlight how, due to an increased awareness regarding environmental issues, consumers attitudes are changing, with many wishing to follow an eco-friendly lifestyle where possible- and their holidays are no exception. Naturally, this has put pressure on companies to consider environmentally-friendly principles when designing holiday accommodation to satisfy these new consumer expectations. 

Phil Gilbert, head of business energy solutions at E.ON explains, "Consumers are demanding more and more from their hotels who are in turn having to use more energy to accommodate for the rising use of technology. It is therefore more important than ever that hotels stay on top of their energy use and monitor their growing consumption. Most hotels refurbish every 7-10 years and this provides a significant opportunity to implement these changing guest preferences as well as adapting for energy savings. According to the Carbon Trust, some hospitality businesses have seen energy costs reduce by as much as 40% if energy efficiency opportunities are maximised during refurbishment." 

Holiday At Home

However, if you're looking for the ultimate green escape this Summer, why not enjoy a holiday at home with Caribbean Blinds? Staycations have grown in popularity over recent years, with 40% of Brits opting to holiday at home instead, exchanging long-haul flights, stressful airports and costly hotels for making the most of what's on offer right outside their front door. With our innovative Outdoor Living Pod that provides sun shading along with rain and snow protection, you can make the most of your terrace 365 days a year come rain or shine.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a solar shading solution to use on a more seasonal basis, a stylish patio awning not only adds kerb appeal to your property but prevents ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin, allowing you and your family to safely soak up the sun all Summer long. Better still, by stopping the sun's rays from even reaching the glass, our awnings effectively cool the adjoining room, offering an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning units. 

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