External Blinds Make Home Habitable Again

With summer officially here, we’re now experiencing that warmer weather that, for many of us, can make our homes unbearable. Our external shading solutions are an ideal alternative to noisy, expensive fans and air conditioning that ultimately just recirculate hot air by blowing it around.Our latest skylight blind installation in Guilford shows how you can seamlessly integrate external blinds onto existing skylights, to regulate interior room temperatures whilst still maintaining the view and clean lines from the skylight when not in use.

The client required a solution that would not only provide shade from excessive solar heat gain through the south side of the apex glazing and ensure a comfortable climate inside but that would reduce light levels to help prevent glare and protect interior fixtures and furnishings from fading. Most importantly the solution needed to be easy to operate and maintain and had to blend seamlessly with the style of the property and look as if it had always been part of the triple skylight design and not an afterthought.

Designed to cover glazing of all shapes and inclinations, our Cayman model roof blind is a tensioned external blind system featuring a slim corrosion-resistant aluminium framework and integrated tensioning system along with sealed electronics and a full cassette casing that requires no ongoing servicing.Finished in an Anthracite Grey to co-ordinate with the skylights, the blinds are mounted off the skylight frames as an extension to the framework, thereby appearing an integral part of the skylight design. The client opted for a blockout solar control fabric (in Chalcedon design) that provides a 92%* heat block and 99% UV filter. Treated with a nano tech coating called TEXgard which repels water and prevents dirt and debris from being engrained in the fibre, the fabric essentially generates a self-clean effect when it rains ensuring it keeps a clean visual appearance. The neutral fabric colour also boasts a high light transmission, ensuring the indoor space remains well-lit when the blinds are extended, whilst also preventing glare.

The trio of blinds, at just the touch of a button on the remote control deploy, effectively absorbing and reflecting the sun’s heat rays, making the space cool and comfortable to enjoy, all year round.

For more information about the cooling effect of external blinds view our Shading Guide here. Already convinced about their cooling properties? Then make an enquiry using our contact form here and one of our experts will call you back to discuss your project and the best solution(s) to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

* Heat block figure has been calculated according to EN 13363-1 with double glazed unit: U = 1.2 | g = 0.59.

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