External Shading for Your Home: It’s Time to Think Outside the Glass

Spring is officially here and the weather is getting warmer, meaning home improvement season is now upon us.  

Adding an external shading solution to the exterior of your home is a quick, easy and effective way to create a comfortable, sustainable home that’s ready for summer, with the added benefit of lower running and maintenance costs. 

Here are three popular external shading products that are not only ideal for solar control but will enhance your overall outdoor living space:   


An awning is a fabric canopy that attaches to the side of your property and extends and retracts – either manually or via a remote control. Not only do awnings provide instant shade and shelter from heat, light and rain showers along with offering outstanding UV protection (min 97.5%), but they also deliver a much-needed cooling effect to the indoor room adjacent to where they are positioned.  

Additionally, bright light is eliminated to prevent glare, whilst the blocked UV rays stop fixtures and furnishings from fading.Retractable awnings (both manual and motorised) also offer extra privacy – particularly in built-up areas – and add a striking new dynamic to any façade.   

External Blinds on windows and doors.

External blinds 

Similar to an interior roller or roof blind but mounted externally external blinds run down in front of, completely covering sliding / folding doors and rooflights. Subsequently, they are the most effective solution to prevent unwanted solar heat gain, offering a heat block up to 97% – natural air conditioning guaranteed – without blocking the view, when fitted with a dimout ‘mesh’ fabric. 

External blinds ensure a glare-free indoor space as the fabrics diffuse bright light and when installed in front of sliding or inward opening doors or windows external roller blinds thanks to the fabric being sealed within tracks to the sides, will as an additional benefit act as an insect screen too. Furthermore, they provide privacy from overlooking buildings in built-up areas.  

Pergola against a house.

Bioclimatic pergolas  

A modern aluminium pergola with slats (louvers) that adjust (rotate) at the touch of a button, able to stop at any position to provide precise sun (heat & light) control along with ventilation through. Whilst typically used freestanding in the garden as an ‘outdoor room’ when installed abutting a property not only do they provide an extended living space but provide exceptional solar heat and light control to the abutting indoor room.  

With the ability to add side screens (similar to external roller blinds) privacy is also provided along with protection from low-level sunlight and even breezes and driving rain. Accessories including LED lighting and infrared heating will allow you to make the most of the terrace at all times of the day (or night) and throughout the seasons.   

It’s time to think ‘outside the glass’ when it comes to shading. External shading solutions will improve and enhance the enjoyment from both your garden and home!

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