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At Caribbean we don’t just say our products will keep you cool, we are proud of the fact that we are the only UK manufacturer to have invested in actually having all our materials tested to strict European standards for their heat transmission in combination with all common glazing types (single, double, double low-e….), so the overall heat element of the suns energy that gets through both the fabric and glazing into the property.

For several years (since 2009 when we had the tests carried out) you have been able to go online to our Shading Specifier www.shadingspecifier.co.uk (our online fabric selector), select the shading system type (ie external roller blind), choose the colour/design material you like, then choose your glazing type and see how much heat will be blocked, along with how much heat (or lack of it) your glazing currently stops.

Whilst this data is invaluable in helping to select a material, we have found most consumers at the early stages (enquiry/design/survey) want to simply see the heat transmission comparison between external blinds and internal blinds (which normally they have in situ and are failing to keep their property cool).

We have therefore produced for all popular glazing types (single, double low-e & triple glazing) basic heat transmission overview charts that at a glance give indicative average figures for the heat transmission of that particular glazing type with no shading, with internal blinds and with external blinds. As you can see from the charts above, they clearly demonstrate that external blinds significantly outperform internal blinds, virtually stopping the suns solar 'heat' energy altogether.

These charts will be uploaded to the new ‘Keep Cool & Save Energy with External Blinds’ page of our website (due to be launched very soon – within a couple of weeks) which will be a complete source and guide to solar shading – everything you need to know in one place. Additionally these charts will be featured in our product brochures when we update them towards the end of the year.

No other external blind supplier of any description goes to the same lengths as we do to explain, demonstrate and actually prove the benefits and positive impact of their products. We want to make sure you have all the facts and figures so you can make an informed decision about investing in our external blinds.

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