Going Above And Beyond

“I’d like to thank Brad and his colleague for all their hard work removing the existing film. It was a challenge but they persevered at it. Now looks wonderful. Thank you”

Another installation of our external tensioned roof blinds, this time to a long narrow skylight in Chiswick, London, to prevent excessive solar heat build up to the open plan kitchen/diner below that was unbearable to be, let alone cook in.

The client had previously installed an interior roof blind, which whilst it filtered sunlight to avoid glare, it did not perform the key function it was needed for, stopping excessive solar heat gain. They had then opted for solar control film applied to the outside of the glass, which was somewhat of a disaster, of poor quality discolouring in the sun, creating a cloudy, blurred view through the glass along with permanent loss of light and once again not preventing unwanted solar heat gain from the sun.

After doing some research online and understanding that the key to preventing overheating was to stop the suns energy even reaching the glass, the client contacted us to provide them with the right solution (3rd time lucky!), in the form of our Cayman model external rooflight blind.

As part of the order our surveyor agreed with the client that we would remove the ineffective solar control film and redundant internal blind, providing a one stop solution for the client, rather than them having to organise separate tradesmen(s) to carry out these additional works.

As you can see from the above feedback received, the solar film proved problematic to remove (we believe the client was mis-sold an internal film for external use hence the struggle to remove), however, our installation team, all of whom are employed directly by us, (unlike the majority of the industry who use sub-contractor installers, who are only interested in getting from one job to the next as quickly as possible to maximise their earnings) persevered for several hours with the removal of the ineffective film and got the job done as we had agreed and to the clients complete satisfaction, who is now enjoying (finally) a thermally and visually comfortable kitchen/dining space.

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