Get Set For Halloween With Caribbean Blinds

With Halloween on the horizon and the children on their half-term holidays, this week is the ideal opportunity to give your home a frightfully good makeover ahead of the big day. Whether you're looking to carve the perfect pumpkin, create a chilling window display or transform your garden into a haunted haven, our Halloween guide is sure to get you in the spirit of things! 

Deathly Decor:
Be the talk of the neighbourhood this Halloween with our pick of the best hair-raising home and garden accessories, as shown above.

1. Inject some gruesome glamour into your home with this spooktacular diamonte skull.
2. Deck your door with a classically chic Halloween leaf wreath. 
3. Keep guests guessing with this glitzy 'Trick Or Treat' bunting.
4. Allow these peculiar pumpkins to lurk alongside your garden path for an extra eerie entrance. 
5. Illuminate your Halloween party with these jolly jack 'o lanterns. 
6. Frighten friends by draping a colony of creepy crawlies across your dining table. 

Petrifying Pumpkins:
What would Halloween be without a glowing pumpkin sitting on your doorstep awaiting the arrival of trick or treaters? Try your hand at creating a menacing masterpiece this Halloween with our simple-yet-effective pumpkin carving guide. 

You will need:
☻ One large pumpkin
☻ Sharp knife 
☻ A small serrated knife
☻ Felt pen
☻ Metal spoon
☻ Tea light â€‹

​​Pumpkin Carving

1. Create a 'lid' for your pumpkin by carefully removing the crown and the stalk. 
2. Using a large serving spoon, scoop out the seeds and fibres and discard.
3. Continue to remove the majority of the flesh so that the inside surface is relatively smooth.
4. With a marker pen, draw a simple outline of a face on the pumpkin. Alternatively, create a stencil by printing off your design and cutting out the silhouette. (We opted for a stencil to create the Caribbean Blinds' logo!)
5. Next, using a small, serrated knife, cut out your desired shape. Always cut away from yourself just in case the knife slips.
6. Finally, pop a tea light inside the pumpkin, ready to impress your guests. 

Wicked Windows:
When it comes to creating a seriously spooky home this Halloween, few decorations are as eye-catching as a simple-yet-striking window display. These spine-chilling silhouettes are not only super effective, they're very inexpensive too, and a great way to keep the children creative during their half term holidays.

You Will Need:
☻ Large sheet of black paper or card
☻ Coloured tissue paper
☻ Blu-Tack
☻ Scissors
☻ Template (optional)

1. Draw the outline of your desired silhouette onto the black card. 
2. Carefully cut out the silhouette with scissors, using a paper knife if necessary for smaller details. 
3. Securely attach to window with sellotape or Blu-Tack.
4. Attach a sheet of tissue paper behind the silhouette so the entirety of the windowpane is covered. 
5. If you fancy going all out, drape a string of fairy lights around the window to make your deathly display extra captivating for passers-by!

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