Harmonious Houseplants


Now that Summer has been and gone, many of us are planning to spend more time inside during the Winter months- but this doesn't mean we have to stop appreciating the wonder of The Great Outdoors. This can be achieved by bringing a taste of the outdoors indoors with the introduction of a classic houseplant.

Not only will houseplants add colour and life to your living space during the cooler weather, they've also been proven to boost productivity and well-being by as much as 47%! Additionally, many houseplants are exceptionally low-maintenance, and they're much more cost-effective than regularly buying freshly cut flowers.

Along with making an effortless style statement, scientists have discovered that plant-filled rooms contain 50-60% fewer airborne moulds and bacteria than rooms with no plants so they're excellent at preventing the spread of colds and breathing problems during the Wintry weather.   

November is the ideal time to purchase a houseplant for your home as there's plenty of lush, vibrant plants available ahead of the festive season.

Check out our guide below where we reveal the perfect plant for every room in your house:


1. Peperomia 
With its waxy, colourful foliage Peperomia adds a splash of colour to any room without taking up too much space. Peperomia will grow to one foot tall and approximately one foot wide, however, be sure to keep this plant away from pets as the plant is poisonous if consumed by cats or dogs. 

2. Cyclamen 
This delicate plant is ideal for adding a splash of colour to any windowsill and is happiest left at room temperature. Cyclamen will look bloom for at least six weeks, so they're great for livening up your home over the festive season. 

3. Azalea
Azalea grows best in cooler conditions, so this pretty plant is ideal for placing in porches or conservatories where it will bloom for 3-4 weeks at a time. In terms of maintenance, keep the soil thoroughly moist, as if the soil becomes too dry, the flowers will wilt. 

4. Peace Lily
Peace Lilies are a highly popular plant for both homes and offices, mainly due to their air purifying properties and low-maintenance requirements. As Peace Lilies are drought tolerant, they require minimum watering, so we'd suggest watering as little as once a week for optimum growth. 

5. Boston Fern
A Boston Fern adds a classic feel to any room and their beautiful, arching leaves work well to compliment a variety of interior styles. But don't let its delicate appearance mislead you, as this durable plant will live for decades if regularly watered and provided with medium to bright light. 

6. Hyacinth 
These pretty bulbs will bloom for about two weeks whilst filling your home with their delightful floral scent that helps to alleviate any Winter blues. Potted Hyacinths should be watered with care, avoiding over-watering the compost or allowing it to dry out completely. After flowering, indoor hyacinths can easily be planted outdoors for a stunning display the following Spring. 

7. Poinsettia  
With its striking bright red leaves and deep green foliage, it's no surprise this plant is the UK's best-selling Christmas houseplant. To keep your Poinsettia looking its best over the festive season, position the plant in good light away from direct sunlight or draughts. As Poinsettias originate from warm climates, avoid temperatures below 12°C and wait until the surface of the compost is beginning to dry before its next water. 

8. ZZ Plant
Often referred to as 'the eternity plant,' the ZZ Plant is a great all-rounder for those with busy lifestyles as it will more or less take care of itself! With its thick leafstalks and durable appearance, this plant is often mistaken for being plastic due to its exceptionally healthy appearance. It will be happiest positioned in low to bright light, at about 15°C with the occasional water, so it'd be ideal for adding a splash of colour to our Outdoor Living Pod.

9. Chinese Evergreen 
This tropical foliage plant is another excellent low-maintenance choice, tolerating poor light, dry air and drought. Although they are able to withstand many growing conditions, following certain recommendations will yield greater results, such as placing the plant in well-draining soil and in medium to low light conditions.

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