Holiday Heat Headlines are Masking the Real Issue

Global Warming, Heatwave, Climate Change

We recently came across an article by The Guardian’s Global Environment Editor, Jonathan Watts, reflecting on this year’s media headlines focusing on the record breaking temperatures with no mention of the direct correlation to global warming, an issue that should be far more concerning.

It was mentioned that there was three record breaking temperatures in the UK alone, one being in February, hitting 38.7C in Cambridge, we can all agree that this was not a normal winter day. This is a warning from Mother Nature but this is not reflected in the newspaper headlines. The ITV News article covers the February scorcher with a list of UK records and hay fever with no slight mention of climate change. BBC News on the other hand have touched on the climate change issue but this was not the primary focus of the article as this can be found further down the article.

Attitudes to record breaking temperatures need to change, starting with the media outlets. Making climate change the highlight of their stories will allow the opportunity to provide readers the relevant information they need to make steps towards helping with the prevention of global warming.

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We can all play a part in making our planet greener by changing our habits and opting for solutions that will not only enhance our lifestyle but our climate too. Contact our team today to discuss how we can make the essential changes to your home on 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can use our quick enquiry form to receive a FREE detailed product brochure.

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