Home Design Trends: Parisian Style


Paris is one of the most fashionable places in the world, as well as the most romantic; it is birmming with sleek, chic European style, so of course, it is one of the most desirable home trends and can be used both inside and out. 

Colour Choice

Parisian style is all about class, fashion and elegance; so your colour choices should be subtle and sophisticated. Use fresh tones for the ceilings and walls; you can't go wrong with a brilliant white or an indulgent ivory. To add a touch of colour, choose pastel shades such as sky blue, chic greys or pale buttercup yellows.


As the most romantic city in the world, Paris is famous for its al-fresco dining, which is something that you can certainly re-create at your own home. Elegant, intricately-designed furniture should be placed outside. Our Patio blinds are a fabulous way to keep your exterior looking beautiful – they will also provide protection for your home.

Choose Vintage

Paris is famous for its unique, glamorous and antique style. Choose vintage furniture to make a statement in your home. Head to antique stores or vintage markets to find some classic furniture to really bring the Parisian theme to life – try up-cycling or upholstering old furniture with traditional French style to ensure that you have a truly unique piece in your home.

Lavish Lighting

To evoke true French and a sense of royalty in your home, choose a fabulous chandelier or candlabra to really bring this theme to life – you will instantly feel like you're somewhere divine when you walk into your home with such finery on display!

So give your home a certain je ne sais quoi, by transforming your home with the effortless chic of Paris. It's a style that homes both new and old will flourish with and look absolutely magical. Parisian style is about making trends – not following them!Stylish Awnings

At Caribbean Blinds, we provide an exceptional range of blinds and garden awnings so that you can transform your home and have the property that you have dreamt about. For more information about our services and designs, please contact us. We are always happy to provide useful, honest advice. Call us on 0844 800 1947 to speak to us today.

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