Create The Ultimate Outside Area For Your Restaurant!

Once upon a time alfresco dining was reserved primarily for warmer countries, however pavement dining in British cities is certainly on the rise, and why not? Exterior dining is a fantastic way to provide more space for customers and is a perfect way to draw customer’s in to your business during the summer months.Outdoor Living Pod for Restaurants

How can an alfresco dining area make a difference for your business?

Well, a restaurant, bar, or cafe full of satisfied customers and space is certainly more attractive to perspective diners. With an outside eating area you can show off your incredible food and drink; it’s like live advertising! It is a key selling point for customers passing by to see people enjoying your cuisine.

Summer Time

For summer time, you can benefit wonderfully from sun awnings; they will help to keep your customers safe from the sun rays and glare, so that they can enjoy their meal in full comfort. Match your exterior decor with the interior decor to ensure that your brand is recognisable throughout your restaurant, cafe or bar!

Not Just for Summer!

Outdoor areas aren’t just for the summer time, they can also be used during the colder and wetter months too, so long as they are covered and heated. Our outdoor patio canopies are perfect for this, as they are available with sides that act as wind breaks and look more like an extension of your building rather than a simple addition.

Bold & Practical Design

Your exterior space should be bold yet practical; whatever your restaurants theme it should be fitting with that. If you’re a contemporary bar; choose tables and chairs which are brightly coloured or black. For day time cafes and coffee bars, go for something a little more relaxing; chocolate brown is always a fabulous colour for daytime establishments. Be careful when it comes to the layout of your exterior, you don’t want to leave too much or too little space!

Alfresco dining is a fantastic experience for everyone and your diners will absolutely love it, especially if you ensure that the exterior of your restaurant is attractive and enticing! Your business can really benefit from this addition – plus you will have more space for more customers.

We are UK based manufacturers of innovative exterior blinds and awnings; so if you’re looking for a way to transform the exterior of your business and make it look incredible, get in contact and see what we can do for you! Call us on 0844 800 1947 to speak to us today.

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