Keep Warm This Winter

With Autumn in full swing and UK temperatures on the decline, there’s a debate occurring in households up and down the country. Can we turn up the thermostat yet? Or should we put on an extra layer instead?

For many homeowners, this indecision is the result of one key factor- the rising cost of energy bills. Whilst it’s no secret we could all shop around more to find the cheapest energy suppliers, understandably, many families opt to stick to their existing plan in order to save time and hassle.

This said, there are still plenty of nifty tips and tricks we can take on board to ensure our money stretches as far as possible when it comes to heating our homes. Check out our ten top tips below:

1. Re-arrange Furniture:
If you have large pieces of furniture blocking your radiator, move them immediately! Re-organising your furniture not only gives your space a fresh new look, it ensures the entire living room benefits from the heat, and not just the back of your sofa!  

2. Close Doors:
It may sound obvious, but keep the doors of unused rooms closed at all times to prevent cold air circulating around the rest of the house. This helps contain the heat you've generated within a smaller area.

3. Cover Floorboards:
Did you know floors account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they're not insulated? Whilst we love the rustic look of bare floorboards, unlike carpets, they’re often guilty of allowing heat to escape. To avoid this, invest in a couple of thick rugs- Not On The Hight Street have some lovely designs.

4. Prevent Draughts:
Although they may look insignificant, you’d be surprised how much cold air is distributed in the home through small openings such as letterboxes, keyholes and cat flaps. To prevent this, letterboxes can be fitted with a ‘brush,’ keyholes can be protected with a ‘keyhole cover’ and cat flaps can be lined with insulation.

5. Block Fireplaces:
An amazing amount of heat can be lost due to an open fireplace, so if you have a fireplace that’s used merely for decorative purposes, a chimney balloon could be the answer. This clever balloon acts as inflatable, removable and reusable plug to stop cold chimney drafts from entering your home, and with a starting price of just £20, they’re an invaluable investment.

6. Get Moving:
Whilst it’s all too tempting to hide under a mountain of blankets when temperatures plummet, the most effective way of staying warm is to keep moving. Even a brisk 10 minute walk is a guaranteed way to increase blood circulation as well as boosting your overall body temperature.

7. Layer Up:
Contrary to popular belief, wearing one thick layer is not as effective as several thin layers when it comes to maintaining heat. This is because thinner layers help keep the heat closer to the body, so make sure you layer up this Winter for maximum warmth.

8. Insulate Pipes:
Pipes without insulation are subject to heat loss, making it more expensive to heat your home. Thankfully, insulating pipes is very inexpensive and straightforward, with pipe insulation available from all good DIY stores for as little as five pounds.

9. New Windows:
If your budget allows for double glazing windows, they’re a great long-term investment for increasing the energy efficiency of your home. As a proportion of heat loss occurs through windows, double-glazed designs are both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, keeping your home warmer and quieter whilst keeping energy bills to a minimum.

External Roller Blind

10. External Roller Blinds:
Unfortunately, even homes with the best quality glazing are still prone to rapid heat loss, particularly during the height of Winter. This said, our external roller blinds can help to significantly reduce this heat loss by trapping an extra layer of air between the blinds and the window, providing some welcome thermal insulation for when the cold weather arrives. To find out more about our external roller blinds, request a copy of our full product catalogue today. 

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