Make The Most Of The Great Outdoors In 2016

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January is synonymous with New Year’s resolutions, and whether this entails shaping up, kicking a bad habit or keeping our homes more organised, many of us pledge to make a change for the better in the forthcoming year. In fact, despite almost half of all Britons making a resolution, by the end of June, 50% of us will have discarded our good intentions, but it needn’t be this way!

With a little willpower you can make your aspirations a reality, and one resolution we believe we could all bring to fruition during 2016 is to spend more time outside.

Outdoor Living Pod

We’ve long known the benefits of embracing the great outdoors, but with our ever-busy lifestyles, how many of us actually make the time to enjoy our natural environment on a regular basis? Not only does spending time outside boost our moods, it gives our body chance to soak up vital Vitamin D rays which help ward off heart attacks and even improve conditions such as Osteoporosis and some types of cancer.

Plus, as fresh air has been proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, ease depression, aid a good night’s sleep and boost productivity, there’s plenty of reasons to get outside in 2016.

Though the Winter weather can be a little uninspiring, this shouldn't deter you from getting outside, and thanks to our stylish patio awnings and multi-functional Outdoor Living Pod, it has never been easier to enjoy your outside space in 2016 with Caribbean Blinds.

Outdoor Living Pod

If you’re looking to expand your existing living space whilst making the most of your terrace/patio area, our award-winning Outdoor Living Pod (as shown above) ticks every box. Featuring a revolutionary louvered roof which opens and closes at the touch of the button, our Outdoor Living Pod provides a flexible, adaptable, all weather living space.

Plus, as our Outdoor Living Pod (watch it in action here) features integrated windproof side screens alongside LED lighting and infra-red heating, our Pod allows you and your family to enjoy full use of your garden 365 days a year whilst reaping the numerous health benefits of spending time outside.

Patio Awning

Alternatively, if you’re looking to use your garden on a more seasonal basis, our stylish retractable patio awnings (see above) are an excellent choice for complimenting your outside space. Along with providing a desirable alfresco environment to eat, relax and entertain, our patio awnings prevent damaging ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin, allowing you and your family to safely enjoy the sun all year long.

Plus, as our patio awnings naturally cool the adjoining room, this reduces the demand for interior air conditioning, offering a sustainable and eco-approved solution to keeping you cool. Furthermore, our awnings help protect, prolong and enhance the use of your terrace 365 days a year, making our canopies the ideal addition to your garden in 2016.  

If you would like to find out more about how our solar shading systems could enhance your home, complete our quick enquiry form here and one of our specialists will call you back to discuss your requirements in greater detail. 

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