Mix And Match Hardware Colour

Our patio awnings, like out external tensioned roof blinds and external roller blinds are available in any RAL colour – that’s more than 200 colours as standard, with most clients opting to have all the hardware (cassette casing and folding arms) finished to match the colour of the door/window frames (bottom left photo) or the façade itself (bottom right photo).

However, there are certain instances, like the above photo shows, where having alternate colour folding arms to the cassette casing is required and works really well.

In this particular scenario, the client needed an awning to prevent overheating to their open plan kitchen/diner at their property in Battersea caused by the large expanse of glazing / doors, that lead onto a small enclosed courtyard terrace, however, it was important that the awning did not block the much needed natural light into the space. A neutral light grey fabric was therefore selected to ensure a good level of natural light was maintained, whilst still blocking unwanted solar heat gain.

The cassette casing of the awning they wanted in the same dark blue (almost black) colour of the window/door frames so when retracted it visually looked like a decorative plinth above the doors, however, having the folding arms in the dark blue colour against the light grey fabric would stand out and look disjointed, so the client decided to have the arms finished in light grey to match and blended effortlessly with the material when the awning was extended. In fact, as the photo above shows, its hard to distinguish between the fabric and folding arms.

We do not make any extra charge for this service of having the folding arms of our awnings in an alternate colour to the main cassette casing, allowing you the greatest freedom of choice and ability to design an awning that is perfect for you without any additional surcharges.

To find out more about our truly bespoke awnings, designed to suit your taste, requirements and needs visit www.cbsolarshading.co.uk

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