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As the temperatures continue to rise year on year the British outdoor living culture continues to increase as more and more people are seeking outdoor living solutions to enhance their garden spaces and commercial properties. We want to take a look a different culture to see how they use outdoor living and the different techniques used to combat the scorching heat.

Seville is an intensely hot country and the only time to really escape the warmest part of the day is to embrace the siesta culture and retreat indoors. As this is a very popular tourist destination they have to be able to cater to those who want to make the most of the day and we must say that they do it very well. For a start the architecture consists of tall buildings with narrow streets, a very smart design that creates shade to keep the streets cool. In some parts they even attach large sail shades on the top floors of the building to deflect any sun trying to make its way through. For the wider parts of the city they use natural shade using orange trees and plants along the path ways to create a line of shade for pedestrians to keep cool.

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If there was a commercial property in Seville City Centre with no form of shading then this would not be a very popular destination, nearly most properties had a shading solution outside their premises to cater for alfresco diners and to protect their internal space from overheating. Retractable awnings were everywhere you went, some of them where even fitted with custom mist systems that would propel a fine spray to cool you down. We can understand why this would be a popular feature in a warm country like this but it would not be a worthwhile solution for Britain just yet.

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Pergolas were not as common on the streets as awnings were, this may be due to the limited space of the narrow streets. Awnings are easy to retract when they are not needed as pergolas are larger structures that need more space. You would often see the pergolas placed on large contemporary roof terraces where the heat is more intense as they can provide more ventilation as the heat is able to circulate through the gaps.

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In comparison to Britain, outdoor living and shading is wide spread in a city like Seville, there was a different solution for each situation, a carefully thought process. Everywhere you travelled the design layout was catered to shade and protect the people dwelling within. The sun can be very harmful in Seville with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees so it is vital to apply shading solutions to avoid the risk of sun stroke and sun burn. Britain is warmer than ever before during the summer season and outdoor living is something that is taken into more consideration in commercial and residential properties as it the benefits are more desirable and needed.

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