Perfect Patio Plants

Sunny patios and terraces provide the perfect growing environment for potted plants. Not only do they offer a great opportunity to experiment with different plant combinations, they can also help create a focal point for your outside space.

Whether you have a large, lawned garden with an alfresco dining space or a rooftop terrace, our top five patio plants are an effortless way to add both colour and texture. What’s more, they’ll flourish beautifully in our chic metal planters as featured on the blog last week.

1. Palms:
Add a touch of the tropics to your patio with a striking Phoenix Canariensis. Fast growing and able to withstand temperatures as low as -6, this low maintenance plant looks magnificent yet is incredibly easy to grow in British climates making it the perfect patio choice.

2. Ornamental Grasses:
Bowles Golden Grass is ideal for softening hard landscapes and contrasting with other patio plants thanks to its warm golden tone. As this plant is most suitable for shady areas of the patio, this elegant grass is great for brightening up a corner that receives less sunlight.

3. Bamboo Plants:
Bamboo Plants have become increasingly popular in recent years and it's easy to see why. With their lush foliage and tropical feel they're the ideal feature plant to compliment a contemporary patio setting. Fargesia are exceptionally easy to grow and maintain, and with their arching canes they really look the part too.

4. Flowering Trees:
Add a splash of colour with a Red Flowering Pentas Tree. This plant thrives on sunny patio areas and creates a stunning centrepiece. What's more, the flowers will flourish for the entirety of the Summer, so you can enjoy this plant from June right through to early September.

5. Lavender Plants:
The lavender plant is a timeless classic thanks to its distinctive fragrance and rich magenta flowers. Lavandula Dentata boasts an unusual lemon-pine scent, due to its French heritage, making a refreshing change to the conventional English variety. Furthermore, this plant attracts butterflies so it’s a winning choice if you'd like to welcome wildlife to your outside space. Even better, Lavandula Dentata requires little maintenance with minimal watering necessary.

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