The Return Of Sliding Doors

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A recent post talking about the growing sales of sliding doors had us thinking, are bi-fold doors taking a back seat as homeowners discover new priorities for their living spaces? Lockdown has forced people to reevaluate their habits and being at home has given people the time to consider changes that will enhance their new way of life.

We are now spending more time than ever at home and with that in mind we desire greater comfort from our living (and working) space that will benefit our physical and mental wellbeing. Most of us working from home are sat at our dining room table for circa 8 hours a day staring out of the patio doors, giving us plenty of time to consider which type of doors could actually enhance the home and our quality of living.

Bifold Doors | Sliding Doors

So let’s look at why homeowners may be considering sliding doors over trendy bifold doors.

For a start the aesthetics of sliding doors are far more pleasing than bifolds as the glass to frame ratio is considerably higher, giving it a cleaner design and finish whilst allowing more light into the home. With larger panes of glass and less framing on the sliding option means there is an uninterrupted view, creating a nearly seamless connection with the outdoors. With that being said, the bifold design folding capabilities can completely open the home to allow a fully seamless transition between both spaces but you have to take into consideration the British weather and whether completely opening up the space is a priority feature you need for a few days of the year. When it comes down to the thermal properties sliding doors come out on top, with the aluminum framing being the weak point for heat loss, bi-folding doors are less effective when it comes to energy efficiency, which can be a deciding factor for the modern home owner.

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A key function of our external shading systems is to improve the energy efficiency of homes; keeping them cool in the Summer, warmer in the Winter and free from glare all year round. Our Antiguan External Roller Blinds which run down outside of glass are the most effective shading solution on the market when it comes to regulating solar heat and light and therefore a popular choice for low energy, ecofriendly homes. This system can easily be applied to sliding doors as unlike bifold doors they do not open out and therefore can be used with the doors either open or closed giving complete flexibility and freedom. Furthermore thanks to the built in windproof locking mechanism on our Antiguan blind system, they with the doors open and blinds lowered will act as an insect screen along with providing a barrier to breeze and rain whilst still allowing ventilation.

If you would like to find out more about our innovative external blinds and the right solution for shading your doors and windows, speak to one of our trusted advisers on 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can head over to our pricing page and receive a FREE estimate for your requirements by filling out a few simple details.

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