What is the best fabric for outdoor awnings?

Awnings, Awning, Garden Awnings, Patio Awnings, Sun Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Outdoor Awnings

We can all agree that in the summer of 2018 we in the UK were treated to some incredibly hot weather. Many of us made the most of it from the comfort of our gardens and patios, dusting off the BBQ and even blowing up the odd paddling pool when the sun got a little too hot to handle.

With such uncharacteristic temperatures apparently being set to continue over the next few summers, now might be a great time to consider what ways you can spruce up your outdoor spaces at home – or in commercial properties. Even the smallest patch of shade can provide somewhere relaxing where you can get back to nature and get away from day to day stresses. 

Awnings, Awning, Garden Awnings, Patio Awnings, Sun Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Outdoor Awnings

Garden Awnings 

One way in which you can make a garden or outside space ideal for all sorts of weather is by using an awning which can help protect you from the sun during the middle of the day. This can then be easily retracted when the midday heat has lessened and creates a clean and tidy look when it’s not in use, unlike a traditional parasol. 

As well as offering a stylish splash of colour or pattern to your garden, the fabric used on outdoor awnings also have more practical implications. Choosing the right fabric on a patio blind can ensure that it is long lasting and stays looking its best for the longest time possible. In the past awnings have traditionally used fabrics that overtime would stretch and slump, meaning that not only would they look messy and tired but also would catch in the mechanisms making them hard to use. Luckily, we have progressed a lot since then. 

Specialist Fabric Technology

By using specialised fabric technology to ensure that your awning will withstand the elements, here at Caribbean Blinds we use exclusive CBA (Clean Brilliant Acrylic) fibres. This material is the most technologically advanced in sun shading fabric and has been formulated to withstand stretching or fading over time. These types of awnings are also self-cleaning and water repellent, meaning that they are very low maintenance and will stay looking, and functioning as good as new.

In a wide variety of colours, our awning fabrics are available in block colours as well as stripes and patterns in both bright and neutral tones. Whatever size or style your garden or outdoor space is, we are sure to have a fabric which will compliment and elevate your home. Our range is divided into categories of natural, urban and solid block colours to help you find the right style for you. All are made with the same high-quality fabric, so you can rest assured that your awning will stay looking great for a lifetime.

To discover more about the different options available, have a browse through the collection of styles and colours available at Caribbean Blinds or get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can get your garden looking its best – 0344 800 1947 or altenatively you can leave your details using our price enquiry form and we will send you a free guide price and full product brochure.

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